Saturday, June 26, 2010

Kim Kagan...Zionist War Pig of the Week

Of the notorious Kagan family that is constantly agitating for more death and destruction against the Muslim world. This week, she was on the "PBS Newshour," positively glowing about our murderous activities against Afghanistan to the point one might of thought she was having an orgasm when talking about bringing more death and misery to Afghans and Pakistani's.

NONE of the Kagans have ever seen military service, which gives them a G-d given right to tell others they should go off and die fighting 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel,' but they do infest various Zionist/NeoCon think tanks, like the Institute for the Study of War.

The Kagans are good friends with the war mongering General Petraeus and have hosted his blatherings several times at various Zionist 'think tanks,' which spend most of their time thinking up ways to keep the planned seven decade long war against Islam running strong.


Kim's main squeeze is the flabby faced Frederick Kagan, one of the premier Zionist war mongers whose allegiance to Israel is the driving force behind his wanting American kids to keep getting killed fighting Israel's wars against all non-Jews, but mostly Muslims.

That both Donald and 'Freddie' Kagan were behind the "Project for the New American Century" blueprint for endless war against dark skinned peoples is just a coincidence.

Hey, here's an idea Freddie and Kim! Why don't both of you get your sorry asses down to the nearest Marine or Army recruiting station and volunteer for active service and insist on being stationed in a hot combat zone!
That way, you can put your ideas to work instead of tricking others into fighting your manufactured wars.
BTW, 'Freddie,' all that extra physical training would work wonders for shedding that tonnage off your chunky ass.

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