Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Interview with Israeli PM Netanyahu

Mr. Prime Minister, thank you for finding time in your busy schedule to sit down for an interview.

Let's not waste any precious time with more formalities and get down to business.

First question: "Don't you think that Israel's blockade of Gaza amounts to collective punishment and when you consider that Israel is refusing to let in items like food and medicines, doesn't that equate to a form of genocide?"

PM: "Holocaust™..... Holocaust™...... Chosen by our G-d..... Holocaust™...... Holocaust™........ Holocaust™

"Uhhh, that was an interesting reply, Mr. Prime Minister. What about the recent Gaza Aid convoy that attempted to bring in food, playground equipment and wheelchairs to Gaza, why were they attacked in international waters?"

PM: "Holocaust™..... Holocaust™...... Chosen by our G-d..... Holocaust™...... Holocaust™........ Holocaust™"

"Hmmm, we seem to be stuck, so I'll try another approach. Mr. Netanyahu, there's some serious evidence out that can't be denied that Israel had more than just foreknowledge of 9/11....."

At that point, Netanyahu's bodyguards swarmed over me, beating me to a pulp and finally, into unconsciousness.

When I finally came to, I had a broken nose, several broken ribs, numerous cuts, scrapes and bruises and as I found out in the Emergency Room, a concussion. I also discovered that the Prime Minister's bodyguards had taken my watch, my wedding ring, my laptop, my wallet with credit cards, my cash money and spare change.

I have tried repeatedly to get those items returned, to no avail and found that my credit cards were used to purchase booze, gold necklaces and 'massages' at a nearby D.C. house of ill-repute.

I have been terminated from my job with the WashingtonPostNewYorkTimes, for no reason and my wife and children have been getting death threats over the phone from anonymous individuals.

Signing off from an undisclosed location, this is John Galt.


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