Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The "Net" Has Already Been Neutered

For those wondering if the FCC is going to enforce some type of "Net Neutrality," with all sites being allocated an even amount of bandwidth so anyone can access their favorite web pages, blogs and MSM sites, wonder no more, as the Internet has already been castrated.
Anger and confusion remains high over these private "back door" meetings that the Federal Communications Commission has been holding with various "stakeholders" regarding its proposed open Internet rules. Reform groups are still up in arms over the Tuesday gatherings, which appear to have focused on a legislative solution to the problem. Congress, it should be noted, is exploring rewriting the Communications Act in response to the current FCC logjam on the issue.

The Washington Post reports that these conferences haven't made much progress; nonetheless, the reform group Free Press has published an ad in that newspaper protesting the sessions.

"FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski's top deputies are meeting behind closed doors with industry lobbyists to cut a deal that would effectively hand over control of the Internet to Verizon, Comcast and AT&T," the statement warns.
If you have hi-speed Internet, you probably won't notice the throttling down of access to alternative news site, but if you still have a dial up modem, you'll definitely notice that while you can still access MSM sites like that Zionist viper pit AKA the New York Times, Yahoo, MSNBC and others rather quickly, when you try and access pro-Palestinian or anti-Zionist blogs, you'll discover the true meaning of 'multi-tasking,' as your browser will slow down to the point that you'll have time to drink some coffee, smoke a cigarette, play with the dog, etc. while the page is still downloading.

Maybe that is just a money thing, as those blogs don't generate cash for the Big Boys, and maybe it's something more sinister than just greed.

When you realize that Obama promised to back and deliver 'net neutrality," and you look back at the long list of broken Obama promises, then it's probably time to wonder and worry if an open, healthy and vigorous 'Net is becoming a thing of the past.

In early April, an outrageous court decision handed control of the Internet to companies like Comcast, AT&T and Verizon. The FCC can fix this mistake by reasserting its authority over the Internet and creating strong Net Neutrality rules, but so far it's done nothing. Will FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski make the right choice and protect the Internet?

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  1. You are on to something. Your site loads slow, American Everyman loads slow. PrisonPlanet loads slow. Many alternative sites load slow (and I do have cable access).

    I wonder, does my site load slow?

  2. I have Hughes satellite here and everything is fine...so far.

  3. Julius Genachowski is a jew. Need I say more? It will happen as you predict for BOTH reasons you suspect.

  4. I wonder, does my site load slow?

    It's about the same as other blogs that I have trouble pulling up.

    I've noticed this slowly develop over the last three years, with two different computers and two completely different operating systesm, so I don't think this is just paranoia.

  5. slow internet? old gefilte liableman's wet dream fantasy coming true!


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