Thursday, June 17, 2010

The ROTHSCHILD Petroleum Corporation, AKA British Petroleum

President Barry's abysmal handling of the BP Gulf disaster could be blamed on indifference; arrogance; stupidity or greed.
Or maybe Barry's just deferring to his "Massa," the Rothschild's.

“Goldman Sachs is obviously an arm of their empire, whereas BP is among a host of companies in [the] Rothschild’s portfolio."

Despite the growing evidence against it, the theory of global warming has been the reason for large international summits in recent years, namely one that was just held in Copenhagen late last December.
During this summit, David Rothschild, "adventurer environmentalist" and an heir apparent to the Rothschild financial empire, in an interview with Bloomberg made the admission – through a series of stuttering verbal bumbles – that the talks in Copenhagen were actually about “global governance” rather than global warming.

The Rothschilds aren't the only one letting the global governance cat out of the bag. Others have made recent mention of one world rule. Herman Van Rompuy, the first “president of Europe”, made strong mention of it in his first press conference on November 19, 2009, going so far as to declare 2009 as the “first year of global governance”. However, without the environmental laws and treaties, this utopia ruled by the banking families of the world may continue only to be a dream in the pipeline.

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Stephen Kinzer on the History of BP/British Petroleum and Its Role in the 1953 Iran Coup

AMY GOODMAN: Actually, I want to start where you—descriptions and analysis you gave in your previous books and it has to do with BP. Before we get to Turkey and Iran and Israel currently, I wanted to go back in time. President Obama has gone down to Mississippi, and he’s going to be in the Gulf Coast for a few days. But there’s very little discussed about BP’s history, and I’m wondering if you could start with us there.

STEPHEN KINZER: The history of the company we now call BP over the last hundred years has really traced the arc of global transnational capitalism. This company began as a kind of a wildcatting operation in Iran back in the first decade of the twentieth century. It was very entrepreneurial and risk-taking, and they had a bunch of geologists running around in these very forbidding steppes and deserts, and finally they struck what was the greatest find up to that time in the history of the oil industry. They were the ones who discovered that Iran was sitting on an ocean of oil. And then they decided they would take it. Under a corrupt deal that they had struck with a few representatives of the old declining Iranian monarchy, all of whom had been paid off by the company, this concession, which later became known as the Anglo-Persian Oil Company, guaranteed itself, or won the right to own, all of Iran’s oil. So, nobody in Iran had any right to drill for oil or extract oil or sell oil.

Then, soon after that find was made, the British government decided to buy the company. So the Parliament passed a law and bought 51 percent of that company.
And all during the 1920s and 1930s and 1940s, the entire standard of living that people in England enjoyed was supported by oil from Iran. All the trucks and jeeps in Britain were being run on Iranian oil. Factories all over Britain were being funded by oil from Iran. The Royal Navy, which projected British power all over the world, was run 100 percent on oil from Iran. So that became a fundamental foundation of British life.
Any questions about why President Barry is acting like a tamed minion of BP should be cleared up by the knowledge that BP is a subsidiary of the international band of gangsters that operate out of London.

The Rothschild's have been behind many wars, financing both sides and raking in profits from misery, death and destruction. Profits which compound when they finance the rebuilding of the countries they helped destroy.

The Rothschilds have their tentacles in China, Brazil and India, all rising monetary powers.

Rothschild's Control of Central Banks

Zionist Kenneth Feinberg, 9/11 Cover Up Agent, to Administer BP's $20 Billion Claim Fund
Why Were BP Executives Hired For MMS? Fox, Meet Henhouse

In the weeks since BP's Deepwater Horizon well started spewing into the Gulf of Mexico, there's been increasing attention to the "cozy" relationship between the Minerals Management Service (MMS) and the oil industry it's supposed to regulate. How cozy? Just last summer the Obama administration tapped a BP executive to serve as a deputy administrator for land and minerals management.

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar last June appointed Sylvia V. Baca to the post, which did not require Senate confirmation. The appointment follows eight years at BP.


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    The cop who pulled me over, I told him that he was an anti semite for his action, so he apologized profusely & let me go.

    Who am I?

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