Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ve Need More Humans to Experiment On!

Dr. Edward Spencer, 75- years old, is one of the few physicians in the United States that takes Morgellons disease very seriously. Spencer is a Stanford University and Yale University Medical School educated neurologist, who worked for nearly 40 years at Petaluma Valley Hospital in Northern California.

One day several years ago, Dr. Spencer was summoned to meet with the hospital’s Physicians Wellness Committee. Spencer had no idea what the purpose of the meeting was, but thought perhaps they wanted to discuss his recently expressed concerns about swine flu and vaccines in Eastern Europe. Dr. Spencer had been alarmed to learn that the flu vaccine sent to Eastern Europe was reportedly contaminated with lethal bird flu virus. Additionally, Spencer had been an outspoken advocate for Morgellons patients.

Spencer had earlier stated, “[The] CDC and medical establishment have been totally negligent in studying this system of disorders known as Morgellons, and have provided no treatment, support, or comfort at all to patients afflicted.” He further stated, “Morgellons is not a problem of ‘delusions of parasitosis’; it is an unexplained illness which is characterized by skin manifestations including non-healing lesions, itching, and the appearance of fibers. There appears to be a strong association with Lyme disease.”

Once in the meeting, Spencer recalls, “I naively thought that maybe they actually wanted to discuss some of my findings about swine flu”, but was instead shocked to hear that the committee was greatly concerned about his positions on swine flu and Morgellons, and that they wanted him “to agree to undergo psychiatric evaluation because they felt me to be a possible danger to my patients.” Said Spencer, who had been associated with the hospital for nearly 40-years, “I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I was in a state of near shock, sitting there with all my files on swine flu thinking they were actually interested in my findings.”

Source: Voltaire Net

For those not familiar with Morgellons disease, here's a short primer. The powers that be are trying to write people off that have Morgellons as being delusional, so this is worth watching.

Is Morgellons an out of control CIA type experiment that escaped the lab? Or some human reaction to all of those GM crops and food we're consuming.

One things for sure, the people that have this bizarre, painful condition don't think they're 'delusional.'


  1. Yikes! I do remember seeing about it few years back, scared the hell outta me. Then they dropped it like hot potato, like swine flu or bird flu.

    some human reaction to all of those GM crops and food we're consuming.

    Did you see this one, Greg? In order to cripple our future genarations:

    Genetically Altered Salmon Get Closer to the Table

    The Food and Drug Administration is seriously considering whether to approve the first genetically engineered animal that people would eat — salmon that can grow at twice the normal rate.


    GREAT!! GM corn taco with GM salmon anyone? F*^king criminals!! They will kill the Americans first by food poisoning before the mythical beasts/"muslim" terrorists will.

    When I was checking @, I came across this name - D. Carleton Gajdusek (... a top official at Fort Detrick and head of laboratories for virological and neurological research at the National Institutes of Health). In the 90's, I used to live in Virginia and Gajdusek was all over the local news for years.

    The fall of a family man

    As governments crack down on the sexual tourism of paedophiles, a Nobel prize-winning scientist who "adopted" boys from Pacific islands is to stand trial on charges of sexual abuse. But is he the victim of a witchhunt?


    Blinded by science

    Actually, Gajdusek's weirdness was evident even in boyhood, when he threatened to poison all his classmates in revenge for being bullied. Half a century later, he might have been one of those kids who runs amok in the school corridors with a rifle, but even at the time his threat was taken seriously, not least because he had a vatful of cyanide given to him by his aunt, a famous entymologist, which he used to kill beetles and spiders.

    After becoming the youngest-ever person to graduate from Harvard Medical School, Gajdusek went to work at Boston Children's Hospital, and grew obsessed by the killer diseases with no known cure, such as rabies, and acute encephylatis. This work took him to New Guinea, where he responded with what seemed suspiciously like glee on encountering a degenerative brain disease that struck particularly at children. "Jesus Christ, no goddammed bastard on earth has ever seen a disease like this," he wrote in his journal. He insisted on dissecting the brains of the victims on his dining-room table, and someone asked one of the elders of the tribe, among whom cannibalism of relatives was still practised, whether they thought he might be preparing supper. "Why would he eat them, he barely knew them?" was the guileless response, injecting a welcome humorous note into an increasingly troubling story.

    Apparently, homosexual contact between boys not yet of marriage age was encouraged by the tribe, and Gajdusek enthusiastically joined in. Later, he fostered no fewer than 57 children and paid for them to move to the United States, where they were educated at his expense. Some popped up here to talk about him in the most affectionate terms, as their hero and saviour. But in 1996 a foster son accused him of abuse, and the cat was out of the bag. Not that Gajdusek was ever able to recognise that he had done anything wrong, histrionically telling Lindquist that sexual contact between children and adults is the most natural thing in the world. How could such a brilliant man be so deluded was the subtext, and there, I suppose, you have most of the world's problems in a nutshell.


  2. Musique, I don't have many answers, but this Morgellons shit is nasty and I'm suspicous when the wealthy elite try and brand people who have this disease as being delusional.

    I've seen pics and vidoes of people with Morgellons and it sure as hell doesn't look like a delusion.

    As for gentically altered salmon, we've almost managed to wipe out a large portion of the native salmon thru deforestation and factory farming of salmon, which is introducing diseases to the native salmon they're not equipped to fight.

  3. Remember the baseball pitcher Billy Koch who had to quit at the peak of his career because of Morgellons. His whole family had it. I don't think he walked away from all those $millions because of a delusion.


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