Sunday, June 20, 2010

"Who Am I?"

In the 1960's, I helped 'pacify' those uppity South Vietnamese who didn't care for the USA meddling in their country's affairs. Even helped those lovable lugs with the Phoenix program, where we went around blasting holes in the heads of those damned Vietnamese. Believe me, when you pop a .45 caliber slug into someone's head, they stayed 'pacified,' permanently!

I like to work both sides of the aisle, like helping that great 'DICK,' Nixon and then switching over to assist that lame ass Jimmy Carter during his term.

From 1981-1993, I spent some time with a couple of those "Too Big to Fail Banks" and even managed a stint with my good friends, the Greenbergs at AIG from early 2001 to 2008.(Thanks to my experience from the S & L cons, I knew 2008 would be a good time to get the hell out!)
While I was with those "Too Big to Fail" Wall Street Banks, we managed to loot American Savings & Loans for hundreds and hundreds of billions. We used some of that loot to pay off our bitches in Congress so they'd make laws protecting the crooks and dumping the cost of that thievery, over 1.4 TRILLION DOLLARS, onto the backs of the same suckers wer cleaned out.

I am Secretary of State Clinton's 'special' adviser to SW Asia and President Barry's point man to that area. I seem to be doing a bang up job, since the whole damned place is getting ready to ignite. But that's OK with me and my buds, as long as we can get that Afghan opium out to heroin processing labs in India and Israel!

I belong to the 'War is GOOD!' Zionist front AKA the Council on Foreign Relations, where my good buds are the war mongering elite, like Elliot Abrams; Max Boot and Dan Senor.

Both of my parents are 'Chosen Ones,' but we seem to have forgot Daddy's name when he stole into the USA back in the 1930's, so we took the American sounding name of ............ Maybe Daddy was one of those Jewish led Bolshevik assassin teams that went around eastern Europe, blasting holes in the heads of those damned peasants who didn't bow down to Zionism??

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