Monday, June 21, 2010

"Your Royal Majesty Bernanke, Us Peons Are Hurting!"

Your Royal Highness, things here in the heartland aren't too good. All the good paying jobs have left for foreign shores. We'd like to send our kids to college, hoping that they might land a decent paying job somewhere, but the cost to send our kids to one has leaped into the stratosphere, so the only jobs available in some areas are either working for that big blue monster or asking people if they want fries with their order.... or joining up with the Army or Marines and fighting all those wars you and your banking buddies are making a killing financing.

Our homes are worth way less than we paid for them and even less than the mortgage loan, which your buds on Wall Street helped craft and are making billions and billions off while we languish in poverty. I've seen pictures of some homes, or maybe I should say mansions, that your Wall Street buds live in and my oh my, they are nice!

Our schools are outdated and falling apart, but I notice that some Wall Street banks are building state of the art skyscrapers, to hold and display all their wealth.

Our highways are rutted out and filled with potholes, but it looks like those streets in New York, where those "Too Big to Fail Banks" are located, are shiny and smooth. Guess it's not a good idea to drive a Rolls-Royce over a bumpy street, huh?

Our national debt is thru the roof, but I guess that doesn't bother you, since you and your Wall Street buds and your good buddies, the Rothschilds, are making a killing over loaning us our own money.

So I was wondering about that. About how you and your buds ever managed to rig the system so that you could force Americans to pay interest on their own money that was loaned to them.

Was it because of the Bank Panic/Recession of 1853?

Or the Bank Panic/Recession of 1873?

Or the Bank Panic/Recession of 1893?

Or the Bank Panic/Recession of 1907?

And no, I'm not forgetting that little depression your ancestors engineered back in 1833, when President Andy Jackson told the international bankers choking the life out of America to take a hike and closed down their counterfeiting operation. Guess they got pissed and decided to show America who's really in charge?

All of those Wall Street engineered events eventually led to the formation of the Federal Reserve in 1913, when our grandparents were told that recessions and depressions would be a thing of the past...

Except they weren't. Wall Street engineered a doozy of a depression in the 1930's, which was deliberately caused by the Fed taking money out of circulation. Wall Street again took America to the cleaners in the 1980's, when they went on a looting spree, cleaning out Savings and Loans across the nation, an event which will costs the taxpayer over 1.4 TRILLION DOLLARS by the time it's paid for.

And now this housing bubble thing, which is starting to approach Great Depression levels.

What happened to that promise that depressions and recessions would be a thing of the past? A suspicious person might opine that these crisis were deliberately manufactured by the Fed and those Wall Street banks you're so in love with.

And now I read that the audit of the Fed, which you and your Kosher buds are fighting tooth and nail to avoid, just got jettisoned by our corrupt Congress and in fact, they're passing a law to give the Fed even more power?

Your Royal Majesty, how much power and wealth do the private banking families that own and control the Fed need?

And will there be any crumbs left over to feed my family?

America only produces 4% of the goods it needs

H/T to Buelahman

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