Tuesday, August 3, 2010

9/11: Now you see a plane, now you don't

New York 9/11 Photographer Did Not See 2nd plane as he photographed explosion

In 2001, Charlie Rose interviewed some New York Photographers about what they experienced on 9/11. This is an edited version of that interview. Pay particular attention to David Handschuh's account of not seeing the 2nd plane and being lifted up and moved a block in "air with substance".

00:41RD: ..but I didnt even know it there were 2 planes until I started talking with a policeman..
01:50RD: .. you thought you were watching a movie.. [others agree]
02:33RD: .. all of a sudden the top [of the building] just poofed out
03:32DH: .. and as I hit the corner of Liberty Street, I was almost being picked up by a tornado .. it was like being picked up.. the black cloud had substance.. it was like night - but it had a solid feel to it - like gravel.. hot gravel and [it] just picked me up and tossed me about a block. Just.. one second I was running and the next second I was airborne..
05:37DH: It never dawned on me that 1 or both of those buildings was going to come down.
05:43DH: Thats actually the plane slamming into the south tower [image shown on screen does not seem to contain a large plane, or parts thereof].
06:51DH: I was less than 100 yards away from the building standing on West Street. We heard this noise - remember - I presumed Cessna, never thought large aircraft. After the first one, we didnt know - we didnt know attack, we didnt know terrorism - we just thought horrible accident. People go up and down the Hudson Corridor all the time - learning to fly, or commercial aircraft - and then heard this noise which seemed to come from everywhere - but we didnt.. we had no idea what it was. And then the South Tower just exploded - it just.. it just blew up and somebody said that was a plane.. I was underneath it. I was looking at the tower. I had my camera in my hand. I heard the noise and never saw the airplane and didnt realise that I had that picture till a neighbour brought the daily news over the next day.

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From the comments:

Check out @ 5:09...why is there an area BLOWN OUT of the building, way below the main collapse area? Check out that area as the camera pans in and out. Why would the side of the building BELOW the main collapse area have a "blow hole" that large? Some needs to look into this....They blew those freakin Towers to hell. They completely wiped them out. The guy says that he was picked up off his feet for a block...that's a lot of explosive power..hmmmm.
How much energy from some type of explosion would it take to lift a grown man off his feet at a distance of 300 feet and toss him nearly one block?

Enough energy from that explosion to knock down a 110 story skyscraper.

Energy that takes hardened steel and turns it into molten metal.

MOSSAD anyone?

Never before seen news footage on the day of 911. Eye witnesses confirm explosions in the basement before the planes hit the WTC.
Proof that the bank vaults were broken into and the gold bullion stolen before the towers were demolished.

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