Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Christian America War Prayer

An Appeal to the Most Merciful Christian God:

Dear Lord:

We true CHRISTIAN believers know that you, OUR God, is the righteous and noble one and that the god of those filthy Muslims is decadent and deserves to die.

We beseech you, OUR most generous God, to help us reign fire and damnation down upon those godless Iranians. To blast them into tiny bits, smearing their guts all over and to let our annointed shrapnel cause bleeding that won't stop.

To burn mightily their skin, so that the pain never stops until dead, O Lord of Peace!

O Dear God, the source of all love, please to crush their babies head's with exploding bombs and chunks of concrete.
To let many a mother wail with sorrow and fear, while watching her godless family being blown to smithereens.

To use your most merciful and kindly hand to guide our weapons, blessed by our holy preachers so that they will destroy Muslim ways to make clean drinking water and move waste. We beg this of you, OUR God, so that many more Iranian heathens will die a horrible, lingering death from diseases.

Please, OUR most gracious and kindly Lord, let our DIME munitions rip flesh from Iranian bone, making for many a prolonged and painful death of those savages and that they writhe in pain until they succumb.

Dear God, OUR God, let our most holy bombs, rockets, shells, bullets and missiles rend unlivable many an Iranian home, so many more of those heathens will die from exposure to heat and cold, YES, O Lord!

To let our weapons of fire turn into ruin all Iranian food and crops, so that many more will die a slow, lingering death from starvation.

But most of all, OUR God, we beg of you to let our holy and blessed Air Force and Navy cruise missiles to hit dead on the civilian targets our most sacred Pentagon has mapped out, all for the glory of you, OUR God and Israel.

In the name of the Father and Son and soon, many Iranian ghosts, AMEN.

H/T to Mark Twain


  1. Depressing isn’t it?

    Blessed creator show us all the light

  2. Why the chosen bunch get upset all the time? I thought they are big on humor, since they have given us slimefeld, pervy woody & larry david.

    JERUSALEM – A new Iranian website that denies and mocks the Holocaust with cartoons showing Jews as hook-nosed worms burrowing holes through a history book provoked outrage in Israel on Thursday.
    The site,, features caricatures including a Jew with a hook nose and a black hat emblazoned with a Star of David tracing fake bodies on the ground at a concentration camp. The website design uses Nazi imagery, with the icon for flipping pages marked with a swastika.

    upset about fucked up nose jokes?? DOH ...necrophiliacs are supposed to have funny noses. haven't they heard about Rhinoplasty?

    The site opens with the Pink Panther theme song and a dedication to those who have been killed "under the pretext of the Holocaust."
    Iran accuses Israel of using the Holocaust as an excuse to abuse Palestinians and has compared Israeli soldiers to Nazi troops.
    One image shows worms with black hats and big noses burrowing holes through a book labeled "The History of the World."
    Another shows an Israeli tank filing up at a Nazi gas station. One cartoon depicts a soldier with a Star of David on his helmet and a tank of Zyklon B on his back — the same chemical the Nazis used to kill Jews in gas chambers at their death camps during World War II.


    I am trying to access the site but since Concast is controlled by the "evil muzzies", not having any luck to check it for myself.

  3. This site sounds like a good place to get some material, I'll try, but I imagine it's been censored out of existence.

    P.S. How do we know for sure it's Iranian?

    Could be a site coming out of Tel Aviv.

  4. yes Greg, I had my doubts about the site's authenticity as well. Since there are so many al queer dah types of sites out there but in reality they are operated by the kosher juuhadis! I will check with JoeBlow @WUFYS since he's of Iranian origin, hopefully he would be able to dig out more.

    I was finally able to to check out the site today. It takes forever to load! It is available in 3 languages - Farsi, Arabic and English. While I was able to see the pages in Arabic & Farsi languages without major problems but I was stuck on the 13th page when I was trying out the English version. God knows if 13th tribe has something to do with it or not I donno - not that superstitious here. hehe

    I took screenshots of the sites up to 12 pages and site info. Please let me know if you want to see 'em just in case if you can't access the site.


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