Friday, August 13, 2010

"I'm a Parrot, Listen to Me Sing!"

"The Fed is an agency of the government, Squawk"

"Squawk, Israel is our closest ally and only friend in the Middle East, Squawk, Squawk"

"Squawk, We must save those 'Too Big to Fail' Wall Street Banks, Squawk"

"Squawk, 19 Arabs with box cutters were behind the 9/11 attacks, Squawk, Squawk"

"Squawk, during WWII, the Nazis killed 6 million Jews in what has become known as the Holocaust™, Squawk, Squawk, Squawk"

Lies, distortions, falsehoods and skillful psyops, implanted nonstop into gullible minds, who then repeat these lies like some well trained parrot trying to please its Master.

Only the Master is the gang of cutthroats running this country into the ground, looting us blind while sending our kids off to fight and die for Zionism and Apartheid Israel, all the while playing the eternal victim.

You'll notice that there is a common theme running thru all those lies.

That's the voice of the ones who were really behind 9/11; the ones who've been robbing the USA of every last shekel and the ones promoting endless wars against the Muslim world.

That's the voice that is so reassuring to many Americans; the voice that is goose-stepping this country off a cliff named 'Oblivion.'

That is the voice of Apartheid Israel and her Zionist supporters.

Racists and Bigots at the ADL, scared that their tactics aren't working, accuse Americans who believe the USA should be sovereign of being lawless

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