Thursday, August 19, 2010

"Jesus, It's Hotter then Hell out There!""

News at 11: How Climate Change Affects You

I put the question to Jeff Masters, co-founder and director of meteorology at Weather Underground, an Internet weather information service. Masters writes a popular blog on weather, and doesn't shy away from linking extreme weather to climate change:

"Heat, heat, heat is the name of the game on planet Earth this year," he told me, as the world is beset with extreme weather events that have caused the death of thousands and the displacement of millions.

Wildfires in Russia have blanketed the country with smoke, exacerbating the hottest summer there in 1,000 years. Torrential rains in Asia have caused massive flooding and deadly landslides in Pakistan, Kashmir, Afghanistan and China. An ice shelf in Greenland has broken off, sending an ice island four times the size of Manhattan into the ocean. Droughts threaten Niger and the Sahel.

Masters relates stark statistics:

* 2010 has seen the most national extreme heat records for a single year: 17.
* The past decade was the hottest decade in the historical record.
* The first half of 2010 was the warmest such six-month period in the planet's history.
* The five warmest months in history for the tropical Atlantic have all occurred this year (likely leading to more frequent and severe Atlantic hurricanes).

"We will start seeing more and more years like this year when you get these amazing events that caused tremendous death and destruction," Masters said. "As this extreme weather continues to increase in the coming decades and the population increases, the ability of the international community to respond and provide aid to victims will be stretched to the limit."
Maybe the Neocon and Zionist who are pushing for another ME war to save Apartheid Israel from itself, maybe that war will develop into WWIII with nukes being used and we'll have a Nuclear Winter, which should cool off the planet--those parts that aren't glowing--tremendously.
Russia’s heat wave — the country’s worst in a thousand years, according to the head of its state meteorological department — has dominated headlines lately.

But it is not just Russia that is sweltering this summer. Belarus, Ukraine, Cyprus, Finland, Qatar, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Niger, Chad, Kuwait, Iraq, Pakistan, Colombia, Myanmar, Ascension Island and the Solomon Islands all also broke or tied their all-time national temperature highs this year, according to an analysis by meteorologist Jeff Masters of Weather Underground. That is 17 nations in all.

Pakistan also achieved the dubious distinction of “the hottest reliably measured temperature ever recorded on the continent of Asia,” Mr. Masters wrote.

That record was broken by the unfortunate city of Mohenjo-Daro in south-central Pakistan, which reached a stunning 128 degrees Fahrenheit on May 26, according to the Pakistan Meteorological Department.

What Really Happened to the Weather? Something, and it's not good, despite some who say warmer weather is "Good, Double Good" for growing crops.
It's obvious that those folks have not the slightest idea of what it takes to make a farm produce crops and generate income to stay in business. Maybe, as long as you have the extra rainfall that will be needed, if you don't, you can watch your hard work go to the devil while your crops, whether they be corn, soybeans or even the garden, go to hell, even if you can afford to water your garden, the unrelenting heat is just too much for many vegetables.

The planet's weather has changed drastically over the eons, but not in the mere space of 4 decades, which is what we are experiencing now.

Is it man-made from CO2 or is the Pentagon's HAARP facility in Gakona, which fries the ionosphere, responsible?

One things for sure, with the Pentagon involved, whatever it is they're doing in Alaska isn't for the benefit of humanity.
But scaring the hell out of people thru weather modification is one helluva way to get that Carbon Tax shoved up our kazoo.A onerous tax that will make those "Too Big to Fail" Wall Street banks hundreds of billions, at the same time, robbing what little cash Americans have left.

Satellite photos--before and after--of the devasting flood in Pakistan


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