Saturday, August 7, 2010

PICS of the Utter Destruction of America

The Wall Street Gangsters stole trillions out of our economy, and their punishment was to be rewarded hundreds of billions of OUR money.


Israel has received and continues to receive billions and billions each year in cash and billions and billions more in free weaponry, plus more money & an anti-missile weapon shield, while the USA remains open to attacks, since our cowardly and craven Congress prefers to fund Israel and to hell with the USA.


Our war machine, which is sending our kids off to fight and die for Zionism and Apartheid Israel, gets trillions.


What does America get?

Doodley Fucking Squat.

I randomly picked out different bridges in the county I live in and drove there to take pics from the underneath side. The pics tell the horror story of what is happening to America while we constantly chant for more wars to protect institutionalized hate, apartheid and the ongoing genocide of Palestine, all for the greater glory of Zionism.

From the topside, the bridges don't look this bad, as a little new asphalt and some paint will cover a world of sin. But underneath, all of them had similar problems: Cracked and missing concrete, Exposed rebar--rolled steel that helps hold the concrete together--that was rusting and large cracks in the bridge floor.

These bridges are around 70 years old, built during the last Federal Reserve engineered Depression in the 1930's. It's obvious to anyone they need to be replaced and replaced NOW, but the USA doesn't have time to take care of its own, we have to get ready for the next war against Iran.

Check out the rural bridges in your county and see what you see.


  1. This is NOT America but sadly it is. No one can imagine seeing bridges in such poor conditions in this country. Zimbabwe sure, congo sure but surely not in America.

    That 3rd pic reminds me of as if it came from a Hollywood doomsday flick, ready to crumble anytime. Safety hazard law violation - what's going on here?

    I am sure you've seen this headline recently....
    U.S. Taxpayers Fund $71,623 for Monkeys on Cocaine.

    David Bowie/Pat Metheny - This Is Not America

  2. What does America get?

    What America deserves.

    I wasted a good chunk of the last 8 months skulking "tea parties" and other "patriot" groups and Greg, no shit, these people would rather gargle with tar than face the REAL problem.

    They get together so they can say, "It's all because of the negras" or "The Unions really screwed this country up."

    Dissent? These people are saying what Tel Aviv wants to hear. From Tea Party scuttlebut alone they know they can invade Iran on our dime. Just tell the Patriots that Iranians are sort of like "negra union" types -- there's still enough dumb Americans to believe it.

    Bridges have already fallen. The sheep are still morons.

  3. The fascination with train wrecks keeps me tuned in. I know we're all going to die so what? We were going to die anyway. My "mystic" spirit has tried but work is hard when there's no hope of return. So I worked on me and guess what? I went over and came back to say there is no death. And the sheople accused be of bullshit, which i admit. It IS. ALL. BULLSHIT.

  4. U.S. Taxpayers Fund $71,623 for Monkeys on Cocaine

    Couldn't they have saved the money and just studied Congress?

    The Tea Party started out raising hell about the bailouts and the Fed, but that soon changed, due to money and influence.

    Can't have people worrying about matters that actually matter.

  5. Agree with the comment by Frank.

    Not just America, though. Same in the rest of the West - The Coalition of the Braindead.

    Which strongly suggests that the next false flag (to be pinned on Iran) will be accepted by the TV addled idiots in America, England, Canada, Europe, Australia, etc.

    The internet has clearly exposed the false flag controlled demolition of World Trade Center Buildings 1, 2 and 7 for years now and what's changed with the flock of fools?



  6. You're a brave man being seen in daylight under a bridge with a camera!!
    Even in holocaustralia that is very risky business indeed, big chance of being taken out by a Zog sniper for terrorist activities.

  7. Even in holocaustralia that is very risky business indeed, big chance of being taken out by a Zog sniper for terrorist activities.

    If I had tried that soon after 9/11, I might of been in some trouble.


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