Friday, August 27, 2010

President Obama Admits on National TV that 9/11 WAS an inside job/false flag

Washington--In a nationwide broadcast last night, President Obama admitted that the 9/11 attacks were indeed a false flag, pulled off by Israel's MOSSAD, with help from the CIA and officials at the highest level of the US government.

"It's time to face the facts America, and the facts are that you have been lied to repeatedly since 9/11, with the Zionist run MSM filling your heads with nonsense about 19 Arabs, armed with plastic knives and box cutters being responsible for the horrible events of 9/11."

"9/11 was planned since at least 1980, about the same time a certain group of greedy bastards looted your local Savings & Loans. That grand theft of hundreds of billions of your money was needed to finance the 9/11 operation. The stolen funds were laundered thru the Federal Reserve and onto Israel, the chief plotter and ringleader of 9/11."

"Another aspect of this heinous crime was the setup and take down of former President Clinton by the Jewess MOSSAD agent Lewinsky. You'll recall how the Zionist MSM ran that sordid story nonstop for months and months. That bit of psyops was needed to slime not only Clinton, but Al Gore, who was going to run for president in 2000. But the MOSSAD saboteurs and our own traitors needed their henchmen in the White House, Dick Cheney and GW Bush to work from the inside so Israel's 9/11 attack would go off without a flaw and that's why all that slimy mud flung at Clinton stuck to Gore, making his chance at being president virtually nil."

"I know many of you watching this broadcast are in shock and disbelieve, with many not believing what I am saying and that is understandable, due to all of the Zionist MSM brainwashing, but please believe me, it was NOT Arabs or Muslims behind 9/11, but Israel and traitors within our country."

"You must believe this truth if we are going to save America from being looted from within by those "Chosen' ones dual citizens heading those "Too Big to Fail" Wall Streetbanks and the Zionist cabal in charge of the Federal Reserve. You must believe me or forever sentence your children and their children to a life of poverty and destitution, and being sent over to the Middle East and SW Asia, forever fighting wars against Israel's 'existential;' enemies."

"If we don't open our eyes and minds to these truths, our democratic republic is finished."

UPDATE: A shocked nation was thrown even further into grief when America learned that later that night of the broadcast, a sub-atomic device was exploded in the White House basement, completely destroying the president's home and killing everyone inside, including President Obama and his family.

al Qaeda immediately issued a communique taking credit for the explosion, rejoicing that they had killed the "Great Satan."

At press time, we have learned that five Israeli subs, carrying nuclear tipped ICBM's have been positioned off the East Coast of the USA., but Israel says not to be alarmed, we're just here to keep America's backside safe.

Also, the Stock Market crashed more than 2,000 points the morning after Obama's broadcast, but Wall Street insiders said it was just a computer glitch.

The White House released the photos of some of the main 9/11 architects, many who have now fled the country



  1. Sub atomic bomb?
    Oh mine ... never saw that was coming!

    sure it wasn't maverick opps queen esther sara P and her mad dog jester Glenn B? As soon as obomba uttered the sentence "9/11 was an inside job", both of them walked in, SP with her shotgun and screamed " Didn't I tell you America that Obama is a clandestine muzzie, as he doubts 9/11 official stories?! Mommy is here to save you!"

    Then TV goes back to playing as usual how Katy Perry kissed a girl and she liked it and how 16 yr old Justin Bieber wishes to make out with his girlfriend's 45 yr old cougar mommy and for the breaking news ... Mel Gibson marries Amy Swinehouse and converts to judaism.

    I am just not ready for the big bang yet!!

    Then again anything is possible, since the calender is full with chosen holidays in September this year.

    9/11 architects fleeing the country? Very much possible, 'cause they have lost miserably in a kite flying battle with the kids from the occupied Gaza strip. :))

  2. Breaking News! Islamofascists detected on Pluto!

  3. p.s. you might remember my former terrorofzion blog. It was deleted by zio-turds. In case u were wondering.


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