Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sarah Palin's Lobotomy A Success!

Tel Aviv-Dr. Cheney, of the world renowned "Jeffrey Dahlmer Institutue for the Criminally Insane" in Tel Aviv announced today that the Lobotomy operation for Sarah Palin went off splendidly, said the head neurosurgeon, Dr. Eli Weasel.

"We went into Sarah's brain with the intent of removing any bits of diseasead gray matter that might of made her an actual human, with feelings, love and care for humanity, but were gladly surprised to find nothing in her cerebellum that anyone would consider even remotely human. All we found were grizzly bear droppings that makes Ms. Palin the wonderful person she is and the best selection for the next American president," said Dr. Cheney with a snarky smirk on his distorted face.

MRI Color Photos of the Bear Droppings found in Ms. Palin's Zionist Loving Brain


"This is fantastic, as all the physicians agreed and they were the same ones who assisted in removing most of then Texas Governor's GW Bush's brain back in 1999. That operation really stunned the neurosurgery team, consisting of Drs. Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld and the esteemed 'Mikey' Ledeen. But without Rabbi Dov Zakheim presiding over the removal of GW's brain, which was smaller than a walnut, couldn't be accomplished without Dov reading from our most holy book during the operation, The TALMUD, ensuring that our G-d would ensure that GW would be the president we needed to help pull off the 9/11 false flag to destroy those gullible Goyim."

When asked if any more operations were planned on GOY lackeys', Dr. Cheney would only slyly infer that a certain Secretary of State would be the next patient at their institute the next time she visits Tel Aviv.

"Our GOYM like Bush, Palin and 'Slick Willie's' partner are the kinds of money loving fools Apartheid Israel needs to last for it's planned 1,000 year reign," said Dr. Weasel, but this is strictly off record!

Reporting for TALMUD News, this is Benny Nuttyahoo.


  1. Do you like spankings? This one was so naughty you deserve one. Laughed at the contents of her brain. Did you get the seal blubber too?

  2. Couldn't get the seal blubber, since she had that injected into her breasts to make brain dead males drool at the thought of big boobies!


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