Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What the World's 'Most Moral' Army Doesn't Want You to See

Some British Jews are desperate to stop the truth about the Jewish state being spread around. The Jewish Chronicle reported today that Jewish “Community leaders are battling to stop an exhibition of paintings by children from Gaza being shown in schools in the North of England.”

This picture says much more than a 1,000 words. At first, I was at a loss for words, the evocative painting by a Gazan child, who's evidently seen the horrors of the Judaic War Machine first-hand, jolted me.

And more:
Manchester Rep Council President Lucille Cohen said: "Rod Cox is disseminating hatred. His talk and text accompanying his exhibition either indirectly implied or overtly conveyed a number of unsubstantiated assumptions about Israel. I am astounded that Christians of good will would seem willing to become a party to this."
JA, as long as it's Apartheid Israel controlling the debate, or your thoughts or the actions of our corrupt and craven Congress, with knees worn out from worshiping the Israeli Death Machine, then we're 'good' Christians, worthy of some doggie treat.

More Zionist hasbara nonsense and lies:
Zionist Federation co-president Joy Wolfe said: "If the pictures had been allowed to speak for themselves most people, myself included, would have found little reason to criticise the concept of the exhibition. But they weren't. They were accompanied by Rod Cox's captions which demonised Israel and invented some truly remarkable allegations."
One would almost think that Israeli Jews were some kind of peace loving, kind and generous society, always with a hand ready to help their fellow brother. WRONG.




All of this Israeli death and destruction is built upon their most holy book, the Talmud. From there, it's funded by the sold out Zionist shills in Congress and the White House, directly by giving billions and billions each year in cash to the Jewish Death Machine; billions and billions more in weapons and indirectly by Zionist agents like 'Bernie' Madoff, who stole close to 100 BILLION from American pension funds and 401K accounts that was transferred to the Mother Ship with the help of the New York Federal Reserve.

Yes, with an ally like Israel...



  1. You're absolutely correct, Greg. All the pictures in the exhibition capture a unique & personalized story of death, horror and destruction caused by the most vicious murderous thugs on earth through a child's eyes. Specially the picture called "the world is ONLY watching" - brings tears in eyes. That boy lost almost every family member and sadness in his eyes, so moving.

    Yes, the fucking world is just only fucking watching.

    I am totally sick 'n tired of seeing chelsea's "judeo-christian" wedding coverage everywhere - from tv to supermarket rags. They describe her as if she were the princess - huh! clintons? They are considered as barely touchable by the rothschild standard, royalty is just pipe dreams. Remember all the girls lost their chance to be a princess for a day in Bosnia by slick willie?

    Rachel Corrie's princess dream was bulldozed by the bloodthirsty gangs.

    how about little Kaukab Al Dayah (http://xymphora.blogspot.com/ has her picture.) Why wasn't she given a chance to be a princess by the chosen devils?

  2. That second photo of the man carrying the girl with the shredded foot is from Iraq. I know because I remember that photo when it first came out (who can forget it?) Also, the dress of the man is distinctly not Palestinian.

    Although one could accurately blame Israel indirectly for Iraq, it doesn't really represent Israeli brutality. Rather, it is Israeli brutality American style.


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