Monday, August 23, 2010

Zionist Pigs Raping the Planet Rejoice over 'Chosen One' Feinberg's Deceits

It's Deja Vu all over again, just like the surviving victims of the 9/11 false flag, who were lied to and swindled by Feinberg's 'Kangaroo' court, both courtesy of our the Zionist pigs favorite 'go to con man,' Kenny boy of Khazaria,

The Vampire Clan running and ruining this planet, the same ones in charge of the greedy pigs in Wall Street and the Fed, the "Red Shield' gangsters and mass murderers, must be laughing until they cry tears of joy.
Claims fund designed to limit payouts, shield BP from lawsuits

The escrow claims fund to compensate victims of the BP Gulf oil disaster requires that claimants waive their right to sue BP and any of the other firms implicated in the Deepwater Horizon blowout, according to documents acquired by the New York Times.

The latest revelations regarding the “independent” claims facility overseen by Washington lawyer Kenneth Feinberg make clear that its purpose is not to make whole the victims of the worst ecological disaster in US history, but to defend the financial well-being of BP and other major oil industry players.

In an article published Friday, (“BP Settlements Likely to Shield Top Defendants”), the Times reported it had obtained a number of documents, including e-mails, legal notes from claims facility lawyers, and draft and final versions of claims policy protocols, that together reveal the escrow will be even more stringent than had previously been indicated. Feinberg, while refusing comment, confirmed the documents’ authenticity.

Not only will those who receive lump sum payments through the claims facility waive their right to sue BP, they will also give up the right to sue rig owner and operator Transocean, contractor Halliburton, and blowout preventer manufacturer Cameron International.
This provision will directly benefit BP, according to a legal analyst interviewed by the Times, because these concerns would likely sue the oil giant for any blowout-related litigation they may face.
The Red Shield gang having a party to celebrate their latest con


The revelations also make clear the purpose of Feinberg’s public relations campaign up and down the Gulf Coast, in which he attempted to convince residents that, in his words, they “would be crazy” not to sign up for the fund.

“How can anyone take a settlement when they don’t know what’s going to happen?’ asked Ryan Lambert, who owns a charter fishing boat service in Buras, Louisana. “It’s going to take three years for us to get a feeling for what damage these fish have suffered.”

The possibility to appeal for claims through Feniberg’s fund expires in November 2013.
Given the size of the catastrophe, the financial damages facing BP are slight. It has already announced its intention to write off $10 billion in taxes owed the US government based on costs associated with the spill, and it similarly will write off an undisclosed sum in Great Britain, where it is headquartered.

Feinberg negotiated the settlement for victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks with the express intent of blocking civil lawsuits that might reveal information related to the government’s role in the attacks. He settled lawsuits in similar fashion related to hundreds of thousands of victims of the chemical defoliant Agent Orange in the Vietnam war, asbestos poisoning of factory workers, and the Dalkon Shield birth control device that injured tens of thousands of women and killed 20.

His last role before taking over the BP claims facility was as the Obama administration “pay czar.” In this capacity he authorized seven-figure salaries to the very Wall Street executives whose reckless speculation triggered the financial collapse of 2008.
While the poor and hungry, out of work Gulf families starve and lose their livelihood, the Red Shield gang will be dining on caviar, drinking $30,000.00 dollars bottles of French wine and chortling at us peons predicament.


  1. I think this may explain everything!

  2. Hey Greg, so this is where you come from, quite interesting...

  3. While out today I heard a short feature on NPR discussing Lord Feinberg. He was being praised as much more fair and generous than any jury would be. Also totally independent of both the Obama admin and BP. A tough job but he's up to it.


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