Friday, September 24, 2010

Meet Irshad Manji, Another of Zionism's Tricker of the Gullible GOY

"Benny Morris explicitly justifies expulsion of the Palestinians not only in the event of a regional war but in the name of Lebensraum: 'This land is so small that there isn't room for two peoples. In fifty or a hundred years, there will only be one state between the sea and Jordan. That state must be Israel.'
Born in 1968, Irshad is a refugee from Idi Amin’s Uganda. In 1972, she and her family escaped to Vancouver, where Irshad grew up attending public schools and the Islamic madressa. In 1990, she graduated with honors from the University of British Columbia, winning the Governor-General’s medal for top academic achievement in the humanities.

"Muslim refusenik" Irshad Manji takes the plunge in 1999 while waiting for her regular "Q Files" - the Q stands for "Queer".
Irshad Manji’s Shrill Responses Obliterated by a calm Dalia Mogahed

Manji is a well-known critic of traditional mainstream Islam and was described by The New York Times as "Osama bin Laden's worst nightmare".

'Bynjamin' Laden's WORST nightmare? That's quite a trick, considering that BL has been DEAD since December 2001.
Irsahd, like Ayaan Hirsi Ali , is just another Zionist stooge that gets paid BIG money to fan the flames of hatred against the Muslim world. so she and her cohorts can keep the 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel' hot enough to last for decades.
Ayaan Hirsi ali's real name is Ayaan Hirsi Magaan and is a liar who left Somalia when she was 7 year old and never went back to somalia since.Her family never threaten her life she was in contact with her family even in Netherland she also met her ex husband in Netherland. She knows nothing about somali culture.
P.S. Good luck connecting with the above link, for when you do, your computer will claim it's a 'security' hazard and drop the connection.
Security hazard? Only to the gang of vicious thugs and their fellow gangsters behind 9/11.

Good luck on finding out where Irshad Manji's really from or if she was born and raised in Apartheid Israel, the world center for hate, intolerance, bigotry, assassination teams, thieves, con artists and false flag experts.

A busy mouth piece, but she still finds time to visit Apartheid Israel and shed a few crocodile tears at the 'Wailing Wall.'

She's also chummy with the Rothschild run Bilderberger group and "Mr. NWO" himself, David Rockefeller. If you want to hear some Zionist fairy tales, Manji's speaking fee is only $7,500 dollars per hour.

Manji also if a frequent guest and writer at one of the world's leading Apartheid Israel think tank, AEI, where they all fantasize about either killing all Muslims or enslaving them.

But she gets lots of exposure on the Zionist's Murdochs FOX news programs, which should tell all who have been completely brainwashed by the relentless psyops about Muslims doing 9/11.

Manji, always proclaiming she'll debate anyone about Islam, has run away from several debates.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali Vs. Irshad Manji: Which Infidel Would You Rather Have A Beer With?

Those who love freedom and detest these 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel' must never stop exposing these tricksters or else we'll all wind up as either radioactive dust or condemned to a live of poverty and war for the Neocons and Zionists behind 9/11.



  1. waybackwhen has archived that link Greg, without all the security risk*/

  2. Greg is back!

    Speaking of the wicked witches, I did this pic years ago with the greatest satan rushdi and his "I hate Islam brides" around him.


    Don't ask how did amy swinehouse got there!

  3. Musique, you have a wonderful talent for writing and your sense of irony is wicked and I just love that.

    So why hide your talent?

    Get a blog up and running and use your razor sharp wit to poke holes in the lies of Zionism?

  4. Expose all these $7,500 per hour whores until their value is down to nothing.

    I agree that Musique should do more if he has the time and inclination.
    Why not?

  5. Now I am really out of words, when saying "Many thanks Greg & Kenny for your kind words" isn't simply enough. :D

    If it weren't for you guys, I would be flushing down hopes and dreams down the toilet long time ago. Not ready to give up hope yet.

    My sincerest thanks goes to both of you.


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