Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Test Your Zionism Bullshit Detector!

1. Who is the President of the Palestinian Authority?

A. Mahmoud Abbas

B. Benjamin Nuttyhaoo

C. Elmo the Grouch

2. Who was the real power behind Obama's sudden rise to power, grooming 'Barry' to be a smooth-talking snake oil salesman?

A. Penny Pritzer

B. Henry Kissinger


3. Who is the president of Egypt?

A. Hosni MuBarak

B. Anwar Sadat

C. Lady Ga-Ga

4. True or False. Israel was created on vacant land with no Palestinians living there.

5. True or False: Due to it's cold Winters, there is an insignificant number of Jews living in Alaska.

6. Fill in the blank: What creature has a massive death-head's skull, a puffed up ego, 12 million blood drenched arms, but no heart or brain?

7. True or False: Israel is a democracy.


1. Officially, no one, since Mahmoud Abbas' term as president expired in January 2009. But his Zionist masters in Israel and the USSA knew he wouldn't stand a chance of being re-elected, so they had him declare one of the dictator's favorite subterfuge, a 'national security' emergency, postponing elections until the threat was eliminated.

So anytime you read or see some FOX/CNN gas bag call Abbas President, you'll know you've just been told another in a long, long series of Zionist lies

2. Actually, probably all three, but the billionaire Penny Pritzer is part of Chicago's "Jewish' Mafia that has been pulling strings and grooming Israeli-Firsters and traitors to America for decades.

Uhh, Penny dear, did all those billions that 'evaporated' when your family owned Superior Bank of Chicago went bankrupt ever get found?)

3. Technically speaking, Mubarak is president, but has ruled by emergency decree since 1981, due to another of those 'national security' emergencies. There are elections in Egypt, but Mubarak's 10,000 + strong personal security force, and his Israeli Zionist handlers make the rigged elections in Florida in 2000 and Ohio in 2004 seem like splendid example of a functioning democracy.

4. False. Click on this link for the truth and the pictures and documentation to refute the endless telling of Zionist lies like this one: "There was no such thing as Palestinians, they never existed." Golda Maier Israeli Prime Minister June 15, 1969

5. False. There is a very influential segment of Jews living in Alaska, known as the "Frozen Chosen," with some pulling off the usual Zionist stunts and trickery. What, you thought Israeli-Firster and presidential wannbe Sarah Palin just sprouted up like a mushroom from a pile of moose shit... then again, on the other hand...

6. Apartheid Israel

7. False. To be a democracy, the country MUST have a Constitution that enshrines and protects those unalienable rights. Since Israel does not have one in place, then what kind of government is it?

A Theocracy, with
many Rabbis serving in both the civilian government and the IDF, where they advise and issue orders.

Bonus for all of you truth seekers that passed!

Israeli Spokesman "Hamas killed Palestinian children to make us look bad"

"Your not serious are you?" asks the incredulous interviewer as Mark Regev BLOWS up the BS detector. Regev suggests that many of the Palestinian dead were killed by Hamas!

Mark Regev is an Australian born in Melbourne. His real name is Mark Freiberg, he is one of those little men that want to be something, so he went to Israel and joined a kibbutz, the breeding ground for the mad and the home to the criminally insane, world class liars and masters of the false flag.


  1. I knew the abbas situation, but, I missed the Penny Pritzer. Picked AIPAC instead.But am I really wrong?
    Ever seen the documentary of Obama at AIPAC?
    I had posted it and then reposted it over at my place.
    Did not know the scenario with Mubarik.

    obviously false Israel was created on vacant land.

    and it should be obvious Israel is a theocracy no matter the spin.

  2. Hey GB,..jeez what a learning experience, didn't do so well & I fudged the bonus and watched the vid, my bad.

    Also, I thought that Oscar was the grouch and sensing a trick question assumed Elmo WAS actually in charge of the Palestinian Autocracy.

    If Sarah Palin won a seat in my cabinet, I'd make her the 'hands-on' Minister for Pole Dancing. Hilarious Clinton would be the toilet cleaner in the club and responsible for recycling the tissues in the peep-a-view room.

    I'll keep you posted when I come up with an appropriately gross job for ‘MC’ Con'dee.


  3. veritas, you watched Mark Regev, I just can't watch that man, not anymore.

    Too many times I have watched him and he lies so much, makes me sick


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