Saturday, October 9, 2010

Ace Hardware is the Place... for Occupying Palestine

Who Profits from the Occupation of Palestine?
A chain of hardware stores, a franchisee of the American Ace Hardware chain. The chain owns a store in the Israeli settlement of Ma'ale Edomim in the West Bank.

The company is part of the Ace Auto Depot, which is controlled B. Gaon Holdings and by Shlomo Zavida.
Your local Ace Hardware store is part of the Israeli occupation of Palestine. Is there any business in America that isn't involved in the ethnic cleansing and the Zionist plan to make Palestinians 'disappear off the face of the Earth?'
Since the 1967 military occupation of the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and the Golan Heights, Israel has built in these occupied territories civilian colonies, or settlements, and encouraged Israeli citizens and industries to move into them. Presently there are 135 Israeli settlements in the occupied territories and dozens of additional “outposts” – settlements not yet officially recognized by the Israeli government. These house over 562,000 Jewish Israeli residents: 282,000 in the West Bank (excluding Jerusalem), 260,000 in neighborhoods built in Arab Jerusalem or annexed to Jerusalem, and 20,000 in the Golan Heights.
$16 BILLION a year in sales to Ace, and how much of that is used to oppress the indigenous Palestinians?

Ace Hardware accounting off by $154 million

OOPS! Wonder if any of that 'accounting error' MADOFF to Apartheid Israel?

But if that Khazar DNA is just too strong to resist and you want to live like your Mongolian ancestors on stolen land in the West Bank, then RE/MAX is the place to look. RE/MAX aggressively markets the sale of such properties in Israel and abroad.


There are RE/MAX offices in the West Bank settlements of Ma'ale Edomim and Oranit, and offices in the French Hill, Ramot and Pisgat Ze'ev in occupied East Jerusalem. These and other offices offer real estate for sale and for rental in all the major West Bank settlements.

RE/MAX of Israel list of properties sitting on land stolen from Palestinians.


  1. The Money thing.

    Perfect example.

    Never buy from ReMax or Ace Hardware.

    I have never and will never set foot in a Ace Hardware store.I have no home to sale and if I wanted to buy one, it would never be thru Remax.

    See how easy that is, folks?

    When there is said to be a boycott of Israeli products, let's also include the American turncoats that fuel the hatred and murder by not purchasing their shit here.

  2. SHIT!! Ace is one of only two hardware stores in my little town of 3500 people for 150 miles! The other one is a little family run shop. But I will not spend another dime at Ace now that I know.

  3. Ace sucks. They charge up to 50% more for most everything over HD, Lowes or OSH. Everytime I ever bought anything at Ace I always felt like I was robbed.

  4. Hey GB,...Recently here in Rosthchalia RE/MAX have been marketing their Brand quite aggressively, I had never heard of them before; I guess they're planning on having a lot of property available to sell, sometime soon? River-front property perhaps? Litani River-front property, anyone?


  5. Like Saladin said, if you're stuck in a little town and ACE is the only hardware store around, what to do?

    Support Apartheid Israel or drive 30 miles away to a different store and support Big Oil?

  6. Thanks for the info, this is what we need.

    F Ace from now on for me too

    choke the slime of what they breathe!

    I choose big oil over the alternative

  7. Saladin has the perfect solution. The best thing we could ever do is boycott ALL Big Money corporations (like Max Keiser is calling for boycotting Coke, of which I agree and have no problem doing myself).

    If the choice is a Big Corporation that fuels the murder or a small town hardware store (mom and pop type shop), the answer is a no-brainer.

    I'd much rather pay a bit more to help a local than fuel the beast that is tearing apart this country.

  8. I have owned an Ace store since 1966 and all Ace Hardware stores are 100% owned by the individual that runs it. Ace Hardware Corp. In Chicago does not own any stores.
    The owner of the store uses the buying power of the other 4500 stores as a source to buy goods. Each owner in the USA supports more local groups, schools, kids clubs etc. than just about any local business there is.
    So when you are blogging, be careful as to your source of information. I donated to my local community over $500k in the last 10 years.

  9. Ouchy, Bill. sounds like you are part of a group of owners that don't mind murder and torture of little Palestinian children.

    That must be awful for business.

    Maybe, just maybe you are some sort of caring individual that would never cause a child pain or a Muslim family heart ache and hunger, but you are associated with one that does.

    Maybe, just maybe you will say something to your cohort store owning murder supporters and tell them this is going to affect YOUR business because they are murder loving freaks.

    Because for the rest of us around here, ACE hardware means little or nothing in the scheme of things and we simply want to STOP the offense.

    You are tied to the perception, whether or not you like it.

    So DO something to stop it.


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