Saturday, October 23, 2010

EIN JUDENSTAAT: The Real Reason for the 1982 Falklands War?

We lived on the "host nations," and if we "host nation" around us had not had to starve, we weaken it.

Theodor Herzl: AKA Benjamin S'ew Herzl Theodor Herzl / Benjamin Herzl S'ew and as the Father of Zionism

Der Judenstaat: The Jewish State

Were the Falkland Islands (Called by Argentinians the Malvinas Islands), which Argentina had inherited from a past failed Empire, the Spanish and only a mere 250 miles off the coast of Argentina, and 7,000 miles away from the Rothschild base of England, re-invaded in 1982 to keep those islands as a jumping off point to for Israeli Jews to swarm in and take over that land like they have Palestine?

The Brits withdrew completely from the stolen islands in 1776, and recognized in the The Nootka Sound Conventions of 1789 that the area belonged to Spain, who eventually ceded it to Argentina.

If the Khazars that stole Palestine want to give back what they took by force and continue to hold by more force, more land theft from Lebanon, Syria and Jordan, assassinations, false-flag operations, murder, back-stabbing and the usual deceitful political talks, if they want to emigrate out of the land they have pilfered from the rightful Palestinian owners, I say fine.

But to let that gang infest S. America is to make the numerous Zionist problems they have caused in Palestine and the ME manifest itself again in Patagonia, then I say NO. There will be Rivers of Blood over the land now being stolen for future use by Zionists.

Surely there are some unpopulated atolls in the remote regions of the South Pacific that have NO people or nations nearby that the Israeli impostor Jews could migrate to?
Argentina: Exchange of Debt For Territory

Argentina today is under a frontal attack of the New World order, that has been carried out for half century. This attack consists of the artificial generation of a fraudulent, and today enormous, external debt that in just a short time will serve more so as an excuse to demand that this debt is exchanged for an enormous part of the Argentine territory.

The origins of the interest in Patagonia go back much further. More than a century ago, the founder of the National Zionist political movement, Teodoro Herzl, in his original work: “The Jewish State” (Ein Judenstaat, Vienna, 1896), exposed an unusual proposal for the creation of an own national State for the Jews, in a chapter that takes the suggestive title: “Palestine or Argentina?”.

In the same work, Herzl proposes to create two Jewish States: One in the Biblical historical land and another one in our country [Argentina].
Palestine or Argentina?

Seabed around Falklands contains oil?

I've seen documentary's and pics of Argentina's Patagonia and it has to be one of the loveliest places on this planet. And with all those mountains and rivers, the place appears to be full of the Khazars favorite bling, GOLD.

It also contains one of the world's largest supply of a rare commodity, fresh drinking water.

800,000 'Chosen Ones' are already living in Argentina

Seafaring Gangsters of the World: Many of the pirates of the Caribbean were Sephardic Jews

The International Bankster Gangsters doing what they usually do; use deceit, engineered depressions and subterfuge to sink a nation in debt and then steal what they want, under the guise of it being good for 'business.'
Some in Argentina See Secession as the Answer to Economic Peril

EUQUÉN, Argentina — For years this tidy city of 250,000 has prided itself on being "the gateway to Patagonia." But these days it is also the center of an increasingly restive movement to detach this southernmost region of South America, rich in oil and minerals, from the economic disaster that is the rest of Argentina.

An independent Patagonia would be a sparsely populated but prosperous nation. Though fewer than 5 percent of Argentina's 37 million people live in Patagonia, the region accounts for nearly half of the country's territory, much of its fresh water supply and hydroelectric power and 80 percent of its oil and gas.

Argentina would also relinquish its claim to parts of Antarctica and permit American troops to be stationed in Tierra del Fuego in return for relief on the public debt of $141 billion, on which it defaulted in December.
UN resolutions have recognized the Falklands as Argentina's but the Rothschilds refuse to acknowledge theses resolutions and international treaties, just like they ignore the same in Occupied Palestine.


  1. OMG! I was going to gather up some info for a post on Patagonia.

    When I finally get it together I will link back to yours.

  2. Doing the research was an eye-opener to me.

  3. Very interesting Greg. Does the expression ‘rats deserting a sinking ship’ come to mind?

  4. More like murderous rats.

    Between being involved in the slave trade for century's and that many pirates were from the 'Tribe,' it's no wonder they have most of the world's wealth.


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