Monday, October 4, 2010

"ET" Arrested for Flying While Intoxicated

Around 2:45 am CST, I went out on my house porch here in the Missouri Ozark hills to smoke a cig and was gazing at the stars. Off to the East, about 30 degrees above the horizon, what I thought at first was an airplane started bouncing around, zig-zagging, bouncing up and down and making all sorts of screwy manuevers.
Then it would stop and hover for awhile, them back to performing aerial stunts.

I got out my BIG flashlight, pointed in that direction and started blinking the light off and on, hoping they'd drop by, but so far, no luck.

Either ET is teaching one of his offspring how to fly that saucer or it's part of the next 'boogieman' crisis being manufactured by the cocksuckers running and ruining this planet.
Seriously, if a race of beings were intelligent enough to cross the massive number of light years to reach Earth, why would they want to fool with or even gaze at a race of inferior beings, led mostly by mass murdering assholes who like to wage war and kill people for fun and profit?

Those who really pulled off 9/11 are getting nervous, because each day, more people wake up and realize it was our own government that attacked us on that day, so it's time for another distraction to keep us shitting in our pants.

This blog had a good read on what this BS is:
Norad Officer's New Book says -ALIENS ARE COMING!
And, he gives a date, just a short time away, October 13/2010?!
How does he know this date specifically? Apparently other lifeforms are telling him this.
Mark the date on your calender boys and girls!

What to make of this?
A newly-published book by a retired NORAD officer predicts October 13, 2010 as the tentative date for a fleet of extraterrestrial vehicles to hover for hours over the earth's principal cities. Author says the event to be the first in a series intended to avert a planetary catastrophe resulting from increasing levels of carbon-dioxide in the earth's atmosphere dangerously approaching a "critical mass."

A newly-published (?) 352-page book by a retired Air Force officer, Stanley A. Fulham, tentatively predicts October 13, 2010 as the date for a massive UFO display over the world’s principal cities. According to the author, the aliens will neither land nor communicate on that date; they are aware from eons of experience with other planets in similar conditions their sudden intervention would cause fear and panic.

The book, Challenges of Change (3rd ed.),( 3rd edition? How long has this book been around?) reports this event will be the initial interaction in a process leading to mankind’s acceptance of the alien reality and technologies for the removal of poisonous gases from the earth’s atmosphere in 2015, if not sooner.
Is this related to Project/Operation Bluebeam?

If sudden intervention causes massive panic, then why let the alien who drank too much booze fly the spaceship?

Or maybe they have some hot looking babes with them and are trying to impress them?

P.S. Went back outside at 3:20 am and the fucker was still there, doing the same stunts, but this time, the thing was higher in the sky. Used the flashlight again to blink at them/it.

So if I disappear, you'll know I'm elsewhere in the cosmos.

Sure hope they sell cigarettes on Pluto and they let me bring my dog along. He loves going places!


Guess I should of added that I was up at the ungodly hour of 0245 due to my insomnia, which is one of the side effects from getting busted out of bed 1-3 times a night to make emergency calls at the Fire Department for over 20 years.

Before I started being a FF, I could sleep in till the alarm clock rang, then hit the 10 minute snooze button for a few more winks.

Not anymore.

Not bitching about this side effect, but wanted to point out that I hadn't been up all night drinking, and smoking and and and.

The only drugs I was using was nicotine and caffeine.


  1. You may not want to roll down your windows and let his head hang out.

  2. Had a close encounter last week.

    3 of us were overlooking a pond surrounded by large cedar trees when something crashed through one of them about 15 feet away. I thought it was a limb falling but the landowner walked over and picked up 2 chunks of white ice that were a total size of about a football. We heard a jet high in the distance.

    No camera but the guy took them to his house and put them in his freezer.

    That's as close as I want to get to something from the sky.

  3. picked up 2 chunks of white ice that were a total size of about a football

    I've read stories about passenger jets toilet waste holding tanks
    occasionally failing and dropping some watery gunk that freezes up before it hits the ground.

  4. I had heard of the disinfectant colored blue ice from the toilets but not white. A search found some saying it's from leaking pipes on the plane (that's reassuring). Some even said it's a 'global warming' phenomena. I'll go with the first.

  5. eeeewwwwwwwww! Toilet waste = "holy pure water from israhell!"

    Must sell that ice to the zio-Xtian (Christ free of course!) churches such as pat robertson's, terry jones etc. "Holy water" never tasted that good! ;)

    I saw plenty of J.T.s shopping around at the Stanford mall in Palo Alto, CA. Too many (unnecessary) gold jewelry and painted plastic faces gave away the secrets.

  6. I think it was Wernher von Braun who said that the last weapon of fear to be used against us would be the ‘Alien Invasion’ routine.

    I don’t want to mock your experience as I really enjoy hearing of that kind of thing but it reminded me of a Bill Hicks routine.

    The video clip is not meant to reflect on you Greg.

    PS Kenny, I hope your friend washed his hands afterwards (grin).

  7. I feel I need to clarify that a wee bit. It was the description of the erratic behaviour of the UFO that made the mental connection to Bill Hicks - nothing else.

  8. The video clip is not meant to reflect on you Greg

    No problem. When watching that light show, I was partly curious, wondering if it was some type of interstellar craft and part of me was cussing the same fuckers behind 9/11, because some kind of ginned up alien invasion might be the last RED rabbit Rothy the Clown pulls out of his gold-plated, platinum hat.

  9. Cheers Greg. When I re-read my post I thought OMG that sounded so bad. Sorry about that

    I always wanted to believe and as a youngster would watch the satellites pass overhead on clear nights. I’ll be real pissed if all that I finally get to see a freaking hologram show.

  10. Hey GB,..Kenny, that wasn't a jet you heard high in the distance it was a UFO: So, don't eat yellow snow from outta space!

    By the way William 'Bill' Cooper warned of an alien invasion scam, just before they murdered him no his own front lawn: Given the recent police brutality in Stuttgart and the two deaths by taser here in rothschalia, in the last 48hrs - it would appear the tribe will be using our own 'protect and serve' scumbags to oppress and corral us:

    "Innocent until proven DOA".


  11. "ET" Arrested for Flying While Intoxicated?

    That is impossible!

    I guess you haven't heard this one: How the Saudi government is using the Bush administration and Alien Technology to destroy America

    Since the Saudi are in charge of ET all kinds of intoxicants are totally forbidden in their crafts.

    Only the Saudi Princes are allowed to import a dozen 40-foot containers of Chivas Regal whiskey per month for their own personal needs. The commoners (Incl. UFO pilots of course) get their head chopped off for smelling it)

  12. Geez Greg have you noticed there was a UFO in China, reported on just today

    Saw an ABC video this am. From Yahoo news

    The eight sighting since June, though one prior that shut the airport down was a military exercise?

  13. Greg needs to come back. I wouldn't be trusting ETs with their high flying gadgetry/tools and tendency for anal probing. Nasty! juuus picked up all the bad habits from 'em - organ snatching bastards.

    Plus alien chicks are butt ugly, such as elena khazarian, amy swinehouse etc.

  14. These are man-made IMO. Theres been quite a lot of videos made of these are more and more people are looking up finally after 5 years of US, Canada, Australia, and Europe being heavily chemtrailed. Many of the craft that look like jets spraying have proven to be some sort of strange holograph where these smaller orb like "vehicles" are seen on the wings, nose, etc. Very similiar to the anamolies shown on the 2nd plane hit on 9-11 with the melting wing and lit-up nose. CHeck out the Youtube channels of SeeingUFOsPA, FakePlanes, and Spacecowboy1954. Just add their profile name after


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