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How We Brainwash the Sheeple: From "Duck And Cover" in the 1950's to UK schools doing UFO crash drills

Duck and Cover was a suggested method of personal protection against the effects of a nuclear detonation which the United States government taught to generations of United States school children from the late 1940s into the 1980s. This was supposed to protect them in the event of an unexpected nuclear attack which, they were told, could come at any time without warning. Immediately after they saw a flash they had to stop what they were doing and get on the ground under some cover—such as a table, or at least next to a wall—and assume the fetal position, lying face-down and covering their heads with their hands. Similar instructions were given in 1964 in the United Kingdom by Civil Defence Information Bulletin No. 5. and, in the 1980s, by the Protect and Survive series.

Critics have said that this training would be of little, if any, help in the event of thermonuclear war, and had little effect other than promoting a state of unease and paranoia.

Schools giving classes in 'UFO' drills

The latest “UFO drill” took place Wed, Sept 29, at Sandford Primary School in the UK. The kids were treated to a full UFO crash scenario that included wreckage, police tape, and real police officers.
Author and patriot Bill Cooper had predicted that NWO types would stage the 9/11 event to keep the sheeple scared and pliable.

He hosted the Internet and short-wave radio show, "Hour of the Time."

Mr. Cooper was murdered by jack-booted Gestapo thugs posing as Arizona police shortly after 9/11.

As you can tell, Mr. Cooper had an extensive background in US intelligence work.
William Cooper Killed In SWAT Raid

William served with the Strategic Air Command, United States Air Force. He held a secret clearance working on B-52 bombers, KC-135 refueling aircraft, and Minuteman missiles. William received his Honorable Discharge from the United States Air Force in 1965.

William joined the United States Navy fulfilling a dream previously frustrated by chronic motion sickness. He served aboard the submarine USS Tiru (SS-416), USS Tombigbee (AOG-11), Naval Support Activity Danang RVN, Naval Security and Intelligence Camp Carter RVN, Danang Harbor Patrol RVN, Dong Ha River Security Group RVN, USS Charles Berry (DE-1035), Headquarters Commander in Chief Pacific Fleet, USS Oriskany (CVA-34).

Cooper was a member of the Office of Naval Security and Intelligence serving as a Harbor and River Patrol Boat Captain at Danang and the Dong Ha River Security Group, Cua Viet, Republic of Vietnam. William Cooper was awarded several medals for his leadership and heroism during combat including two with "V" for Valor.

He served on the Intelligence Briefing Team for the Commander In Chief of the Pacific Fleet. William was the Petty Officer of the Watch and designated KL-47 SPECAT operator in the CINCPACFLT Command Center at Makalapa Hawaii. There he held a Top Secret, Q, SI, security clearance..
Most of you who have been following the 'official' government cover-up of 9/11 are well aware of Mr. Cooper's contributions to the truth movement.
Those of you less familiar with his work might want to dig a little deeper, Cooper not only warned of a coming planned attack on US soil, he went so far as to name the scapegoat, Bin Laden.

He also predicted they would then use the 'alien invasion' scenario to herd the rest of us into their Global Plantation pen.

Behold a Pale Horse is a 1991 book by William Milton Cooper, which is available online at places like Alibris for only $16.50.

Written after Cooper had been a member of the US Naval Intelligence Briefing Team of the Commander in Chief of the United States Pacific Fleet, the book details many of Cooper's claims about the alleged influence of UFOs on US government agencies, the New World Order, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the alleged Apollo hoaxes and other topics.

Another claim made in the book pertains to his own death. William Cooper, seemingly paranoid, claimed that he would be shot to death on his own property. True to his "fate," he was gunned down in precisely this manner years after publishing the book and settling down in Arizona.

The title of the book alludes to a passage in the Bible, Revelation 6:8: "And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him."

Behold a Pale Horse is definitely not a book to curl up on the couch with on a Sunday afternoon. The topics William Cooper discusses will very likely keep you reading late into the night. There are two types of people in the world: those who want to know who exactly is controlling whom, and those who are more comfortable taking things at face value. What really disturbed me was the theory of the true intent of the government. Cooper's account of what the government is capable of in times of heightened alert is extremely relevant now. It is important to keep in mind that this book was published before the attack on the World Trade Center because the US is finding itself in exactly the position Cooper predicted.


  1. Hey GB,...Almost immediately the towers were hit, I was on the phone to my older brothers, for a few silly moments we were getting each others 'busy' tones, as we were calling each other at the same time (grin); we knew the putsch had started and that Iraq was the target, even then. All members of my family 'were' expected to serve in the Military (not anymore). I started to look into alternative News sources; I found Jones, Icke and some others; when I found Cooper, I lost Jones and Icke.

    An interesting image I rediscovered in my files the other day is one of those poster shots from Al Gore's scam flic. The picture features a large smoke stack and rising from it is a swirling spiral smoke cloud - it looks exactly like the blue swirling spiral glowing vapour-trail that appeared over scandinavia earlier this year - NWO symbolism?

    That whole UFO thing is such a scam, I mean there is video of a Star Wars scenario on jutube - The U.S. apparently engaged a 'UFO' with anti-aircraft artillery and fighter planes for a couple of hours in 1942.

    If that wasn't huge News what is? Why aren't they re-showing this video constantly, to support their new UFO scare campaign? Or prepare the people for close encounters; timing maybe?

    I call BS on UFO's being of 'Alien' origin.


  2. yes bill cooper is still one of the best.His info on an alien invasion or si,ilar is soemthing to think about as many of the diversionary agents like hoagland et al atre screaming for "disclosure"we know ufo technolgy is here i have seen it demonstarted on yutube called "lifters" in conjunction with the bluebeam scenario they have capability to fool many. witness the swirls in norway and west coast,I knew that was a haarp or other trype magic combination they are playing with.with multiplwe intentins one being our reactions.ok bye


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