Friday, October 15, 2010

The Latest Zionist Holocaust™ Propaganda Scheme

If WWII had not happened, what would self-pitying Jews and devious Zionists have to bitch, whine, moan and groan about, all the while playing the eternal victim, crying about their con game called the Holocaust™?

And as they've shown time and again, they will stoop to any low to keep producing the next batch of Holocaust™ acolytes and vestal virgins, who are being programmed to worship at the altar of Zionism and keep pay extortion money to keep the myths and fairy tale about the Holocaust™ producing money and sympathy for generations to come.

Like this sordid manipulation, designed to warp the minds of children.

The Butterfly Project:

In an effort to remember them, Holocaust Museum Houston is collecting 1.5 million handmade butterflies.

The butterflies will eventually comprise a breath-taking exhibition, currently scheduled for Spring 2013, for all to remember. The Museum has already collected an estimated 400,000 butterflies.

Sixteen-year-old Alicia Williams drew the Star of David in black marker on a pink heart.

The heart - no bigger than a silver dollar - was tacked onto the pale blue butterfly that Alicia had made out of construction paper.

Next to her, Alicia's 8-year-old niece, Aileen Chance, decorated a butterfly of her own. The 8-inch-by-10-inch butterfly was cut from white construction paper.

The project is connected to the book "I Never Saw Another Butterfly." The book, which is available at all branches of the library system, contains children's drawings and poems from Terezin Concentration Camp 1942-1944. It's one of Lang's favorite books, and she enjoys sharing it with others. The project has prompted interest in the book.
Zionist Math: Six million, minus three million equals Six Million!

What is the truth about slave labor camps like Auschwitz?

At one time, we were told repeatedly that 4 million Jews had died there. Then when Zionism's bastard child, Communism fell apart in the 1990's and the Jewish Bolshevik Commies fled Poland, then we were told that 2.5 million Jews had died at Auschwitz.

Now we're being told that a little over one million died at Auschwitz, and that includes gypsies, homosexuals, political dissidents, etc.

Will we ever know the truth?
Terezín: music from a Nazi ghetto

The Terezín ghetto near Prague was home to a remarkable array of renowned Czech musicians, composers and theatrical artists, writing and performing.

Terezín was hallmarked also by a thriving cultural life: painting and drawing, theatre and cabarets, lectures and schooling, and, above all, great music..

Each person was allowed 50 kilos (that's 110 POUNDS of personal belongings) of luggage..

Terezín was run... by a Council of Jewish Elders.
Orchestras, plays, cabarets, theatre, a thriving night life, gymnasiums and sports, and ALL of it ran by a COUNCIL OF JEWISH ELDERS

"The truth is so precious that it must be protected by a bodyguard of lies."
Winston Churchill

A thought-provoking new anthology edited by English historian Vivian Bird casts stark new light on what really happened at Auschwitz during World War II. As the evidence shows, the official "facts" just don't add up.

In the summer of 1997 I was invited to speak at a California college seminar about my book, Final Judgment, which contends that Israel's intelligence agency, the Mossad, played a front-line role in the JFK assassination conspiracy alongside the CIA. Almost instantaneously I was hit by a media barrage orchestrated by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of B'nai B'rith, a lobby for Israel.

The ADL told the press I was "a Holocaust denier" and, for that reason alone, I should not be allowed to discuss my book (which, incidentally, never once mentions the Holocaust). Evidently the ADL was determined to shift the focus away from what my book really does address, so they determined the best way to discredit me was to smear me as "a Holocaust denier" (which I am not).

The ADL's tactic succeeded, setting off a firestorm of opposition-a "holocaust," so to speak-and the seminar was canceled, illustrating one point most clearly: The Holocaust has become a powerful propaganda tool for the state of Israel.

On April 18, 1945, in the immediate aftermath of World War II, The New York Times reported that 4 million people died at Auschwitz. This "fact" was reported over and over again during the next half-century, without being questioned.

However, on January 26, 1995, commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Auschwitz liberation, both The Washington Post and The New York Times itself reported that the Polish authorities had determined that, at most, 1.5 million people (of all races and religions)-not "4 million"-died at Auschwitz of all causes, including natural causes.

Poland has cut its estimate of the number of people killed by the Nazis in the Auschwitz death camp from 4 million to just over 1 million..
"Hey, this is OUR CON job and you can't grab any gravy!"
More recently, Walter Reich, former director of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, jumped into the debate over Auschwitz. On September 8, 1998, The Washington Post published an article by Reich in which he addressed Jewish outrage over a group of elderly Polish nuns who wanted to place crosses in memory of Christians who died at Auschwitz.

The book features a fascinating introduction by Bird exploring the little-known but thoroughly documented phenomenon in which the numbers of the official Auschwitz "death toll" have plummeted from a "high" of 9,000,000 dead to a rock bottom of 73,137 (of whom 38,031 were Jews).

In many European countries, and Canada plus Australia, ask serious questions about the Holocaust™ cons and you'll get tossed in prison.

Why is that?

Those recently passed ADL written 'Hate Crime' laws here in the USA will eventually be used to make any serious discussion about the Holocaust™ VERBOTEN, and then Americans will start getting tossed in prison.

What are the high priests, or should I say rabbis protecting the Holocaust™ myths afraid of? That people might actually find out the REAL truth and ruin their lucrative money making racket and spoil their 'eternal victim' act that allows Apartheid Israel to steal whatever they want and kill whoever they desire without repercussion?

Or is this what it's really all about? Tricking the USA into fighting wars to protect Zionism and Apartheid Israel by scaring Americans with 'boogiemen' like the DEAD Bin Laden and the phony Adam Gadahn PEARLMAN, while their fellow con artists on Wall Street rob us blind?

Fake Al Qaeda Actors EXPOSED! Adam Gadahn & Yousef al-Khattab


  1. Very good article! Informative.

    I have no doubt, personally, that too many people died in the "Holocaust". But I also believe that Zionists would use any lie to sway their sycophantic ass-kissing American pawns in government to fight immoral and illegal wars.

    I have written about the "Spike the Bulldog/Chester the Terrier" phenomena at my place.

  2. And long before anybody knew the name Adolf Hitler, paper currency was referred to a Judefetzen (jew confetti).

    How come they don't even mention that fact in history class?

  3. Hi Greg. This wasn’t their first attempt at a worldwide guilt trip. They tried this in 1918 after the first Bankster inspired blood fest.

    The Balfour declaration was signed in 1916. They couldn’t play the victim while stealing a country and butchering the population otherwise.

  4. I just get tired of hearing their never ending pity party and for them to infect children below the age of consent is like mind rape or something.

    If an alien came to Earth and started browsing the Internet to check out our history, he/she/it would probably think that Jews were the only ones who suffered and died during WWII.

  5. Agreed Greg. It is an enduring reflection on ‘modern society’ that everyone wants to be like them - the perceived victim. It’s never their fault. When they own every single form of organised media bar none – print, radio and visual – it is only to be expected.

    The child angle is one that really raises my blood pressure – especially in light of the Talmud’s teachings. Every one of us must take the individual responsibility to teach our children right from wrong – none of this moral ambiguity crap. I will home school if necessary.

    The screeching is constant and they are pulling so many levers. I grew up with sisters so I’m used to tuning out background noise (grin). We are adding our own voices to the din. I’m getting the feeling that we are starting to out-shout them. That’s the time to watch out as a cornered rat is a vicious menace. We’re getting there though.

  6. Hey GB,..We had an ‘islamist’ couple here in rosthchalia a couple of years ago, yep they were supposed to be a pair of 'islamists' from Iran living here in rosthchalia on welfare (of course they were on welfare) while waging their own private jihad against the families of Australian soldiers KIA in Afghanistan. Of course they had a jewtube site and they would rant on and abuse the families and swear (jeez these two muzzos swore like JIDF yids in a truther comment section) and generally disrespect them, they sent abusive insultory letters to the families (how'd they get the addresses of service personnel?) even turned up to one of the funerals dressed head to toe like the average sheeple would expect a jihadi to dress; Him like an arab sheik her like a Bedouin in black burkha etc. She would shriek abuse and he would yell clichéd al cia-da slogans.

    Well, it just reeked of mossad, so a couple of my colleagues and I contacted the Iranian consulate, again and again and again, mostly leaving messages, due to the volume of crank calls to the consulate from ‘patriotic’ cowards leaving anonymous abuse messages, the Iranian staff never answer the phone but do respond to genuine queries; turned out that jihad jane and ossama v.2 were thrown out of Iran on incite to riot charges, they were dual nationals of the juSA and guess who. They had by some quirk of paper shuffling arrived in rosthchalia on Iranian passports, go figure.

    Apparently someone had been miffed enough at D.O.D to get these jihadis sorted out. They found the same info as we did and ‘poof’ the jihadi couple disappeared along with their website, jutube site and personal possessions, no-one knows where to and the department of Immigration has been gagged under the secrets act.


  7. Wasn't the first time they tried to use that 6 million figure:
    This article pictures, quotes from, and explains a publication in 1919 of a Jewish holocaust by the Kaiser's Germany and in which the same 6 million Jews were said to have been murdered between 1914-1919, during World War One, 28 years before the Nuremberg Trial made that exact same accusation against defeated Nazi Germany. This fantasy was repeated in the Nuremberg Trail and subsequent Military Tribunals and Star Chambers held by the Allied Armies in which there was no defense allowed, only accusations from the military courts.
    There's more at This Scholarly Library of Facts about Domestic & Worldwide Zionist Criminality.

  8. No Worries, Greg. We will create a better project ... how 'bout project called Project Hot Turd?

    Every time when you will hear that tear jerking word "holothisandthat", all we have to do is rush to the bathroom .... and before flashing down the toilet, name the turd after a chosen bastard, take a snapshot and send it off where it really belongs. dershowitz, savage, foxman, nuttyhoohoo - so many names to choose!

    Don't try this after having a taco hell feast.

  9. So you mean to me these bars of soap I got from a woolen clothed rabbi on Miami Beach aren't his lost parents and other relatives.Now I'm told my favorite lampshades from Auschitz I bought in Brooklyn at the chabad are just lampshades and not jews that were skinned alive.Another lying rabbi?I suppose now you are gonna tell me my favorite ballpoint pen that was used to write Ann Frank's diary isn't legit either.Damn I got that pen at the Los Angeles synagogue from the head rabbi.Are you trying to tell all these rabbi's are crooked?

  10. Are you trying to tell all these rabbi's are crooked?

    I don't know which 'holy man' is worse; Lying thru their teeth Yeshiva and West Bank Rabbis or boy raping priests.


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