Friday, October 22, 2010

"A Mass Murderer By Any Other Name..."

When GW Bush Used Terror Tactics to Get Re-Elected, Code Pink and the 'Liberal' Media Raised Hell, but now that their boy Barry Sotero has lied and conned his way into POTUS, well, that's a different story. We'll just give him some time, he'll come around, right?

Ditto for that 'progressive' rag, the "Nation" and its editor, Katrina vanden Heuvel, who says Obama doesn't need to change.

Katrina, picking and choosing select parts of Obama's warped plans and sadistic agenda that you like and ignoring the rest is like saying "Syphilis must be eradicated, but Gonorrhea is OK!"

Pics of YOUR Tax Dollars at Work, Butchering Children in Pakistan


"Violates your 'terms of use?' Fuck you, murdering children violates MY terms of sanity.

Original pic of Pakistani children MURDERD by U.S. drones available here

Pics of YOUR Tax Dollars at Work, Butchering Children in Lebanon, Palestine and Iraq


Horrific images and cold hard facts about the Israeli perpetuated, American financed Muslim holocaust that a large majority of Americans will never see on pseudo-news outlets like the 'Cartoon News Network' and FUX, since they are Zionist owned and operated propaganda outlets designed to fill American minds with Jewish lies and distortions to keep us supporting murderous Apartheid Israel.... and to poison our minds into thinking that celebrity news and sporting contests are actually important and deserve our unwavering attention.

With the lunatics in charge of the Israeli government following THE quasi-official policy of terrorizing Palestinians into fleeing their indigenous homeland and killing the rest, we American should be ashamed to be a co-sponsor of this Muslim holocaust.


What if this baby was your child?

If these now lifeless forms were YOUR kids, what would you do? Take a nonchalant attitude and just say, "Shit Happens" or get mad as hell and seek revenge?
When Hypocrites Pray
Do you think that Chris from Empire Burlesque may be on to something when he quotes from Johann Hari?

Imagine if, an hour from now, a robot-plane swooped over your house and blasted it to pieces. The plane has no pilot. It is controlled with a joystick from 7,000 miles away, sent by the Pakistani military to kill you. It blows up all the houses in your street, and so barbecues your family and your neighbours until there is nothing left to bury but a few charred slops. Why? They refuse to comment. They don’t even admit the robot-planes belong to them. But they tell the Pakistani newspapers back home it is because one of you was planning to attack Pakistan. How do they know? Somebody told them. Who? You don’t know, and there are no appeals against the robot.

H/T to Beulahman's Revolt
The French raise hell when the bankster gangsters try and fuck them and the Brits think they need to cut their military spending and what does the USSA say?

A recent increase in US drone attacks in Pakistan is linked to a suspected al-Qaeda plot to attack European targets, Pakistan's US envoy says.

But not everyone has become a full-blown moron, wearing the IDIOT cluster badge!

A US Terror Alert issued this week about al-Qaida plots to attack targets in Western Europe was politically motivated and not based on credible new information, senior Pakistani Diplomats and European Intelligence officials have told the Guardian..

NATO official: 'Bynjamin' Laden living comfortably in Pakistan

Yes, 'Bynjamin' Laden is living rather comfortably, SIX FEET UNDER.

President Sotero is barely in office when he orders the murder of Pakistani civilians


  1. Photobucket now censoring? Is this a human doing this or some kind of computer recognition software?

    I can't even upload to pb now through the normal way. I have to use the bulk uploader and often that takes several tries. Blogger also won't let me upload pics from my computer, only through a url. This has been going on for a few weeks.

    What's going on?

  2. What's going on?

    I'm not sure, but I can hazard a guess, censorship.

    The slimy neocons and zionists behind 9/11 learned during the Vietnam War that if you want to keep a war up and running, it's not a good idea to beam live coverage of American kids getting shot and killed into their parent's TV.

    Now they 'embed' journalists and feed them press releases which they retype and present as news.

    They're probably starting to do the same to PB.

  3. Hey GB,...I am saddened by the horrible images you have posted – AGAIN; because I have seen them replicated too often: TIME TO GET AS UGLY (seriously) as the enemy. Meet me in the Lobby for Molotov cocktails - one day soon people are gonna get IT! Before it's almost toooo fucking late, remember: The seven Ps: P.P.P.P.P.P.P. - 7 Ps people 7 Ps: “Prior Preparation and Planning Prevents a Piss Poor Performance.”

    Why do we constantly have to weep over images of disgusting murder, perpetrated by the yids?

    Because there are no images of yids like this – has anyone ever seen a murder scene like these in any of the towns in occupied Palestine inhabited by the dirty yids that pretend to have have been hit by one of the “thousands” of bottle-rockets – NEVER!

    I want to see mangled yids, or I’ll start creating some!

    The only way to stop a coward fucking bully; is to knock him on his arse!


    I have my fragile moments, I’m actually a shy person; I just get a little disturbed by all the fuss. That and the fact that I have to constantly pretend to be normal; in order to satisfy the parameters of my parole order.


  4. "Violates your 'terms of use?' Fuck you, murdering children violates MY terms of sanity.

    You tell 'em, Greg!

    Fee fi fo fum
    Taste of fresh muzzie blood
    makes the pedo rabbi cum

    Sounds scary, Kenny.

    I tried to upload a pic using the standard/normal uploading process, it worked fine in my case. All my "dirty" pics are on photobucket, guess I havta search for a new host. You guys probably remember seeing this "dirty" picture on WUFYS.

    Oyee Obomba! Gotta bomb every single tipis & huts in Pakistan! binny must be hiding in all of 'em at the same time, 'cause "evil muzzie Allah" gave him such power.

  5. Who else, besides PhotoFUCKET, is available and reliable?

  6. Many of my Israel pics have been removed by photobucket. I decided to use their stupid violation notice as part of my Myspace page by downloading the image itself and informing anyone who visits my profile that the missing image has been censored because it is offensive to Zionist Israel. I guess we should be careful what we choose as a title for those images, maybe label them kitty cat or puppy dog?

  7. Yeah, labeling them differently might work, but then we'd be sleazing around, telling lies, just like Aparthied Israel and the Khazars, so I'll just keep looking for another site to host pictures showing the real war that's being waged and not the sanitized version being shown on Talmudvision.

  8. LOL you're correct, Saladin. Whenever I post on PB, rename 'em to something absolutely absurd ...go crazy with your keyboard, such as this:


    muh ha ha

    I also have imageshack acct, totally forgot about it. Another pic/media hosting site.

    top 10 free image hosting sites

  9. The problem is you can't escape the Hasbara, it's everywhere and it only takes one to start a stampede. I've checked into other hosting sites and they all have user term requirements that allow them to delete images for any or no reason. The worst part is that when my pics are removed I have no idea what it was! I will have to search my hard drive to try to find it but I have so many it takes too much time to track them down. Renaming is just an option so you don't loose all your work. I don't consider fighting fire with fire to be sleazing around. You could choose innocuous titles that won't draw attention to the image, I think I have lost so many because I tend to be brutally honest with the title. Maybe not such a great idea?

  10. Thanks Musique and good points, Saladin.

    One can't be too careful when dealing with those who think they're G-d's gift to humanity, but have proven time and again to be lying, deceitful, back-stabbing thieves.

    And are embarking on another theft of land, this time in Argentina.


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