Sunday, October 31, 2010

Yemen Releases Pic of 'al Qaeda in Arabia' Gang

Yemeni authorities announced they had raided the residence of the people associated with the recent attempt at placing some bomb-making material on an outbound flight to England, then onto the USA.

Inside the 'al Qaeda of Arabia' bomb making compound that was raided by Yemeni authorities

"We had infiltrated this mob of bomb throwing radicals awhile back and were gathering evidence necessary to indict, when they attempted to ship some explosive material into some Chicago, Illinois synagogues. Once they went active, we were forced to raid their compound, where they not only were putting together more explosive materials to ship to other USA synagogues, but also were shipping automatic weapons to New York state paramilitaries, AKA "KITAT KONENUT,' said the head of Yemein counter-intelligence.

"These people love violence and use terror to not only kill the harmless and innocent, but to intimidate others into submission. These ruthless killers seem to have an open hand in the USA to ply their trade, since we've given the FBI numerous leads on where to round up the American-based terror cells, but US authorities refuse to act on our tips,' said the deputy head of security in the Abyan province town of Mudia, Colonel Mohammed al-Khodr.


Yemen's President, Ali Abdullah Saleh stated that they were 'dedicated to rooting out these trouble-makers, regardless of where the trail led."

A UPS spokesman said that their Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Scott Davis, would not be able to comment in person, since his duties as Vice-Chairman of the Board of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta had prevented him from appearing in person, but had issued a statement deploring those who use violence to achieve their goals.

When asked by one of the reporters attending the press conference if there was any connection to the side-curl wearing bomb makers and the head of UPS being on the board of Honeywell that owns a consortium that runs the Texas plant where nuclear bomb making makings are made, the spokesman said that was 'anti-Semitic' nonsense and left the podium.

Reporting from Sana'a, Yemen, this is 'Wolfie' Blitzoid for Holocaust™ News

9/11 'Mastermind' Heading to USA to New Orleans for 'Terror Summit'



  1. I missed this from earlier last week. The major MSM decided it was a non-story.

    Three Israeli Nationals Detained Near National Guard Blackhawk Helicopter

  2. Hell, I never saw or read anything about this latest episode.

    Thanks for the lead, I'll nose around and see what it leads to.

  3. Dear Greg,
    Have you been ghostwriting for Iowahawk? Are you Iowahawk?

  4. Iowahawk?

    Nope, I'm not him/her, besides, I live in Missouri and even though the University of Missouri at Columbia kicked me out of college for having too much fun, I'm still true to the Mizzou Tigers.

    Or at least their football team, don't much care for basketball, unless I'm playing some half-court with some friends.


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