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Couple of days ago, while visiting a site, noticed something called "FEEDJIT" that says:
"Feedjit lets you see friends and visitors as they arrive on your blog or website. Know when your best friends read about your latest adventure. Be alerted when your most important clients view your latest product offering. Feedjit lets you know, right now, who is visiting your site. Simply add the Live Traffic Feed and instantly start seeing who is visiting your site as they arrive.

“Feedjit Pro lets you see your visitor’s journey from beginning to end and understand how they experienced your site.”

See the actual identity of hundreds of thousands of Feedjit members when they visit your site including their photo and links to their website and social profiles. You can make new friends and leads by contacting the Feedjit members who visit your site. The Live Traffic Feed turns your unknown readers into real people."
It sounded interesting, and I joined up, even though I like the wry comment made by Groucho Marx, who sent the following wire to a Hollywood club he had joined: "Please accept my resignation. I don't want to belong to any club that will accept me as a member.”

This morning, this is the reply I got from Wimpland AKA "FEEDJIT:"
Flag this message Your Feedjit Web ID application was not approved.

Unfortunately your Web ID application was not approved by Feedjit for the URL:

The Feedjit team member who reviewed your application included the following note:

To keep the sites family friendly, the four letter F word is not allowed. If you remove the F word or modify to something like f***, please resubmit your site.
Here's my reply:

This is un-FUCKING believable.

I don't know where FEEDJIT is based, but I have to assume your aware of what's been going on here in the USA. We've had a succession of presidents that told lies to get elected, then told more lies to launch illegal and immoral wars against Muslim nations, butchering about 1.5 million Arabs in the process.
Wars that were started based on the lies surrounding the FALSE-FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11.

These same clowns put thieves in charge of the Federal Reserve and the SEC, who looked the other way while those "too Big to Fail" Wall Street banks went on a looting and plundering spree that stole TRILLIONS of dollars of wealth, driving the USA (and most of the world) into a recession that appears to be heading into another Great Depression and you're worried that I might actually use the F-Word?

Jesus H. Christ, come into reality and start showing concern for REALLY serious causes and not some potty-mouth words.

I'm glad you rejected me, since I don't associate with fools, morons or wimps.

Greg Bacon

The first time I sent this message, these 'holier than thou' clowns rejected it, saying: "Sorry, but our customer service staff don't like to be insulted. Please remove the rude word from your feedback."

Who in the FUCK are these people and what part of the universe do they live in?

So I tidied up my message a bit and sent it to "Lollypop Land," where pretty flowers are always blooming, all people are in harmony and their is an endless amount of love... and no one uses cuss words like FUCK.

Good luck on finding out who these clowns are, since there is NO info on their home page about their location or management. Nor any physical address location in case you want to send them 'snail mail.'

After searching around, this site says they're located in Seattle, WA. Shit, I thought Seattle was a laid-back city, with a liberal attitude, but I guess every barrel of apples has some rotten ones.

Did manage to find out something about the owner of 'FEEDJIT,' from Wikipedia.:
Mark Maunder is an American entrepreneur, currently the founder and CEO of, a service designed to provide real-time visitor information to websites and blog owners, thanks to a widget that shows their visitors geographic location, which site they came from and a display of where they went (the link they clicked on). Mark was born in South Africa in 1974 and lives in Seattle, Washington with his wife.

Feedjit received funding in January 2008 from an undisclosed group of Silicon Valley investors and Mark is currently the CEO of in Seattle.
An 'undisclosed' group of Silicon Valley investors? Like the CIA?
From a 11.22.2010 "FORBES" article:

Tiny cameras. Hearing devices for the teeth. Wi-fi for refrigerators. These are some of the products made by companies that have caught the eye of In-Q-Tel, the venture capital arm of the Central Intelligence Agency.

One of the most recent companies to get an infusion of cash from the U.S. spy bureau's investment fund is Cleversafe, a Chicago-based startup that offers software to keep data stored in cloud networks secure by slicing it up and storing it in different locations. In a press release issued last month about the investment, William Strecker, In-Q-Tel's chief technology officer, said the intelligence community is looking for new ways to secure information given the increasing ubiquity of cloud computing.

The country's only federally funded venture capital firm was created in 1999, during the tech boom, because the private sector was setting the pace in technological innovation, leaving the intelligence community feeling not very intelligent. In-Q-Tel invests in startups developing technologies that could prove useful to the CIA and the national security community. But it knew it had to adjust to the Silicon Valley model to work. "The CIA had to offer Silicon Valley something of value, a business model that the Valley understood; a model that provides those who joined hands with In-Q-Tel the opportunity to commercialize their innovations," CIA official Rick Yannuzzi wrote in a briefing document for the Defense Intelligence Journal in 2001. In-Q-Tel invites startups to submit applications for funding through its website, asking for their business plan, a technology whitepaper and leadership list. The operation's budget is classified, but the Washington Post reported in 2005 that it received $37 million in funding yearly from the CIA. It tends to invest from $500,000to $2 million in a given company.

In-Q-Tel issues a press release every time it funds a new company, but it discloses neither the amount of the investment nor the product it's focused on.



  2. That sucks Greg. I liked their little gadget but sod them if want any input to site content. I have deleted it off my site.

  3. Greg,
    "Sorry, but our customer service staff don't like to be insulted." should read "...doesn't like to be insulted." If you communicate henceforth with them, please tell them to clean up their language.

  4. Well, fuck the PC fudges!

    I was on a quick mission to find similar widgets and found

    Both of 'em offer free widgets and monthly subscriptions. Free sounds good to me.

  5. I removed the widget once it started to follow the road trailed by Google- instead of providing simply a lst of visitors, now it seeks to identify them and provide their emails and sites. The last thing I want is to be sent to a disreputable site and allowing it to access my private information.


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