Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How does one understand God-Talk?

It's not that difficult or demanding.

Get hold of the album/CD "Derek and the Dominos," featuring Layla and other LOVE songs.


Yes, I'm so tired of hearing "Layla" on 'Classic Rock' radio about 15,000 times that I turn off the radio when they play that song.

But listen to Disc 1, song #7, "Key to the Highway," and listen to 'Slowhand' and 'Skydog' talk to each other in 'Godenese' with their guitars.

If at first you have trouble deciphering what they're saying with their 'Six Strings of Joy,' just turn UP the amp louder!

But my favorite might be their "Bell Bottom Blues," song #2 on the same disc.

Guess I can relate to what Eric Clapton sings that he'd crawl across the floor and beg you to stay, if his woman wouldn't walk out on him.

I tried that, and it didn't work. My heart must of broke into a 1,000 pieces and I couldn't sleep for about three nights straight, I was so love-stricken and in a personal Hell that many can probably relate to. I realized I had hit bottom when I stuck the business end of my Marlin 30-30 caliber rifle in my mouth, and went to pull the trigger.

I wanted out of that pain, Goddamn, it was killing me.

Jesus H. Christ, I loved that woman. Life wasn't worth living without her.

That's when I started crying and laughing at the same time. Crying because I realized I didn't have the guts to pull the trigger and laughing, because I realized how FUCKING STUPID it was for me to scatter my brains across the bedroom wall.

Yuck, what a mess!!!

Bell Bottom Blues

Bell bottom blues, you made me cry.
I don't want to lose this feeling.
And if I could choose a place to die
It would be in your arms.

Do you want to see me crawl across the floor to you?
Do you want to hear me beg you to take me back?
I'd gladly do it because
I don't want to fade away.
Give me one more day, please.
I don't want to fade away.
In your heart I want to stay.

It's all wrong, but it's all right.
The way that you treat me baby.
Once I was strong but I lost the fight.
You won't find a better loser.

[Chorus 2x]

Bell bottom blues, don't say goodbye.
I'm sure we're gonna meet again,
And if we do, don't you be surprised
If you find me with another lover.


I don't want to fade away.
Give me one more day please.
I don't want to fade away.
In your heart I long to stay.

Derek and the Dominos

When the album was released in December 1970, it was a critical and commercial flop.

After the recording of "Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs," the group undertook a drug-riddled and vice-prone US tour that didn't include [Duane] Allman, who had returned to The Allman Brothers Band after the recording process. However, Allman did perform two shows with the group at Curtis Hixon Hall, in Tampa, Florida, on 1 December 1970, and at the Onondaga County War Memorial in Syracuse, New York, the following night

Whitlock recalls their drug situation as:

We didn't have little bits of anything. There were no grams around, let's just put it like that. Tom couldn't believe it, the way we had these big bags laying out everywhere. I'm almost ashamed to tell it, but it's the truth. It was scary, what we were doing, but we were just young and dumb and didn't know. Cocaine and heroin, that's all and Johnny Walker.


  1. Play Bell Bottom Blues attach some Blind Faith,in the middle,finish with Badge then Let It Rain and you have my first Eric Clapton concert in Atlanta Ga 1974 at the Omni.Without question my favorite Clapton guitar riff is the second half of Let it Rain.Beautiful Gold Budded Pot Omni super beers.WOW!!!
    I fell in love to both wives with Eric Clapton,Steve Winwood and mighty LITTLE FEAT playing the background music...What happened to my country?

  2. I don't recall that the album was a critical and commercial flop, it was on everyone's turntable around here. The sound was a little muddied and needed high volume to be appreciated.

    I saw the brothers in the spring of 71 just a couple of months before Duane died. Such a loss.

    When the band regrouped and toured, right before Berry Oakley died, their shows were even more intense than before. They had something to prove.

    I have bootleg outtakes from the Layla album, mostly just Duane and Eric jamming. I'll have to get it out and take a listen again.

  3. I saw "Eric Clapton and Company" on tour in the summer of 1974.

    He was playing two show one night in St. Louis and I bought tickets for both and stayed for both sets.

    EC was slurring his words and his lead work was sloppy, guess that heroin he was sticking in his veins had him by the short hairs.


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