Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pentagon's Holding a 'Bake Sale' to fund its 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel'

Those poor dears. The Pentagon only gets a measly TRILLION DOLLARS or so per year from us broke taxpayers, some of whom are laid off because of the deliberately engineered Zionist owned, Jewish run Federal reserve economic depression.

So they establish front organizations like "Troops Need You" that appeal to Americans by pretending that the troops don't have enough money to kill, kill and kill some more, to keep the rabies infected mad-dog Zionists and Neocons happy.

Gotta keep those Pentagon generals living like Kings, flying around in customized GulfStream 550 jets that cost $65 MILLION and $6,100.00 per hour to operate.

"Troops Need You" was founded by war monger Eric Egland with ties to Zionist backers and funders of these 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel.'

Why We Kill With a Smile on Our Face, a Bible in our pocket and Hate in our Hearts

From the "Troops Need You" web site: "We seek to practically apply the love of Jesus Christ, living out his call to Love thy Neighbor (Mark 12:31)."

"Love Thy Neighbor?" Show that love by blowing apart an Afghan wedding party or splattering some Pakistani civilians with a 'Grim Reaper' UAV firing a 'Hellfire' missile at the unsuspecting civilians?

TNY was founded by Eric Egland, who "has discussed national security issues on Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, C-SPAN, Fox News Radio, the Hugh Hewitt show, and HotAir with Michelle Malkin."

Eric Being Interviewed on Fox News

Eric, you've seem to hit all the top-rated war mongering MSM shows, but not that draft-dodging, slimy horse turd Rush Limbaugh? I'm sure that pill-popping war PIG would love to have some tool like you helping spread around some fertilizer!

But you have managed to get the war mongering 'Gathering of Eagles' on your side, who urges Americans fight and die in these never ending 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel.'

We will accept nothing less than total, unqualified victory in the current conflict. Surrender is not an option, nor is defeat.

Sounds tough, but I'm highly suspicious of any war mongering group that doesn't list its leadership or where it funding comes from and that has a link to the trigger-happy, 'Killers for Hire' merc outfit Blackwater/Xe.

And for GOE pray to your G-d to deliver death and destruction to other human beings is sadistic.

"We Jews are going to bring a war on the Muslim world."

Eric, your "Troops Need You" is a thinly disguised pro-war outfit and your other 'War is Good, Double Good' web site, "Vets for Freedom" and that mass-murderer GW Bush share the same web hosting site, Network Solutions, LLC proves that you and your kind want to keep America bogged down fighting wars to protect Apartheid Israel and Zionism.

"This Global War of Terror is being fought for the defense of the fundamentals of Judaism."

Virtually no information is available about the funders and organizations behind Vets for Freedom, so it is difficult to evaluate the degree to which the organization might be part of a war propaganda campaign interacting with the Bush Administration, the Pentagon, the American Legion and/or other ideologically-driven public relations and lobbying efforts that have exploited for political purposes the issues of US war veterans and their families, such as Move America Forward and the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.
Eric, I guess it's just a 'coincidence' that "Vets for Freedom" web hosting company, SMARTECHCORP.NET, based out of Chattanooga, Tennessean, is the same group that helped hack the 2004 Ohio presidential elections to show a vote for John Kerry as being recorded as a vote for GW Bush?

Zionist Jew War Mongers Funding VFF
Several of those who were major contributors to VFF-AF in the 2005-2006 election cycle were members of the Board of Trustees at New York's conservative think tank the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, as documented below.

Robert J. Appel - $5,000.00
Michael J. Fedak - $25,000.00
Roger Hertog - $25,000.00
Paul E. Singer - $25,000.00
'Deja Vu' all over again?

"This War of Terror is being fought for the defense of the fundamentals of Judaism."

Funded by Zionists, and run by Jews supporting endless wars and the Senator from Israel, Joe Lieberman
In 2006, Gross's PR firm the Herald Group helped VFF co-founder Wade Zirkle and "fellow Iraq veteran David Bellavia approach mainstream newspapers to offer dispatches from the two as war correspondents embedded with the military. The two eventually got press credentials through the neoconservative The Weekly Standard, whose editor, William Kristol, has become an informal adviser to the group and helped put it in touch with" Republican strategist Dan Senor, who was "on retainer to help with fundraising."

"Vets for Freedom Action Fund is a '527' group—a campaign organization that appears to exist soley to support one candidate—Joe Lieberman’s Connecticut campaign for the Senate.
Eric, for all that you do, this song's for YOU


  1. Hey GB,...A concept dawned on me while cringing at the MSM nightly schmooze; Their fiat currency has no value, none; they make it up as they go along. So, amid more threats recently by the useful idiots that are Rothschalia's political crew, that the health and well being of the banks is essential to the 'Economy': I figured that all we require to do when the revolution comes, in order to counter the threats of doom and desolation due to the threatened depression obtained by the failure of the yiddish bank scam system: Is, on the day of the overthrow of these fuckers, issue a decree that all business owners and banks staff and all employees must open for business or turn up for work as usual. Every citizen wether a street-side flower vendor or the GM of a massive industrial Plant:

    Must value the respective currency at the rate shown on the note, no ifs, buts, or maybes.

    The local Milk Bar, Petrol station, cafe and family restaurant - EVERYONE has to go about their business as usual - net result: no ‘crash’ no food riots and after a few days the programmed sheeple will forget there was an emergency and shamble on.

    This concept is supported and will be made successful by the programming of the current NWO systemic brain-washing machine. See, we’ll own the Media and it will be our message that is drummed out.

    Then we start the hangin’s cooooeeee!

    Whaddya think?


  2. Hey Mr. Bacon, what's shaking.

    I try to get into the swing of things on my blog but it is hard - the work and traffic is draining, to the point I am too tired to go shopping, outside, etc. much less blogging.

    Guess I should be happy I am employed.


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