Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dept. of WHOREHOUSE SECURITY Invades Little Ol' Branson, MO

Branson Tri-Lakes News - Showboat to open with dinner shows

The Showboat Branson Belle has been cleared to open for dockside dinner shows, following a Dec. 11-12 incident of the Showboat Branson Belle coming ashore during a windstorm, the U.S. Coast Guard has cleared the ship to run its show schedule as planned for the week following Christmas.

A report was issued by the U.S Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Coast Guard, to the Showboat management late Monday outlining the guidelines that are to be followed for the ship to board passengers Dec. 26-31.

Showboat’s crew and captains, working with the U.S Coast Guard, marine electricians, a naval architect and several marine experts are still analyzing the propulsion system, according to the release.
OMG!! Could this be an 'al CIA Duh' Battlehship?


Don't think 'Lucky' Larry SILVERSTEIN owns any skyscrapers in Branson, but he might in Springfield, MO, which is the closest rather large-sized city for this part of the nation, since Branson has less than 7,000 residents.

But Branson does have the largest privately-owned commercial airport in the United States, which might appeal to the "MOSSAD Flying Aerial Circus Clowns."

Here's where the Branson, MO airport has links to 9/11:
The airport opened on May 11, 2009. It is currently the only privately owned, privately operated commercial service airport in the United States as National Express Group Plc. reverted control of Stewart International Airport to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. As part of the negotiations to create the airport, as a liability shield, and obtain financing, Branson Airport, LLC had to "gift" the land they owned to Taney County, Missouri in order to lease and operate the airport privately.
Who's the private owner behind Branson Airport LLC?

Someone named Charles STIPANCIC of Aviation Facilities Company, Inc (AFCO).

AFCO's Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer is Dan

Aviation Facilities Company, Inc sounds like the aviation equivalent of the Israeli owned ICTS, which has had numerous security lapses around 9/11, the Detroit Christmas 'Crotch Bomber' and other 'al CIA Duh' related incidents.

Follow the Money, Eight Million Annual Visitors to Branson

Branson is probably the USA's 2nd most favorite spot, behind Nashville, for Country and Western fans to visit.

There's a lot of music acts in Branson and some 'corny' entertainment, but that type of wholesome fun appeals to many parents who like the idea of being able to take their kids along to watch shows that don't use the world 'Fuck' as an adjective, verb and noun, don't have gratuitous sex scenes showing some flesh, CG created images of exploding heads and mutilated bodies and that's just in a Hollywood controlled "PG-13" rated movie release.

Here's a link to the Branson web page that lists who has and will perform.

The DHS web site says it is in charge of 'border security,' so considering the shitty job they've been doing on our southern border, I'd be wary of those clowns inspecting ANYTHING.

Gosh, this wall that separates part of our border with Mexico looks familiar? Hmm, where have I seen this kind of wall before?


And a picture of the Wall American taxpayers paid to erect for Apartheid Israel on stolen West Bank land. See the difference!


They also brag about what a great job they've done in the Gulf???

In the Gulf or TO the Gulf?

But if the DHS has enough resources, money and personnel to stick their large noses into a showboat running aground in the middle of nowhere, then they have TOO many resources, TOO much money on hand and way TOO many personnel.

Or maybe all this flap is connected to the US Army and the Coast Guard preparing for Martial Law in United States?


  1. Did you write me an email at 3:13am this morning about the Gulf depopulation deal?

    (Sorry, I sent an email, but no reply)

  2. Did you write me an email at 3:13am this morning about the Gulf depopulation deal?

    Yes, that was my email about Jesse's show about the Gulf.

    Been doing research on this Branson thing and got caught up following leads and haven't checked my email.

  3. BM, is your email from a Y. Carr at 5:41 am?

    There's no subject to the email and those I usually don't open, I just delete for safety reasons.

  4. Hey GB,...So, let me get this straight, the DHS thinks that mossad's judean people's crack suicide squad, might use this crazy old Showboat as an LCA? Does it have a drop-down gate at the front? Perhaps the potty-time pirates from Tel Aviv think it will come in handy as an LST? Wow, 'al cia-duh' might forge a Beachhead at Branson with Captain Pugwash and Seaman Staines leading an Armoured column? I can just see it now; 'al cia-duh' hitting the beach at branson rolling up into the dunes in Palestinian Tanks! Oh, the Palestinians don't have Tanks, or any Armour vehicles for that matter, or Maritime assault forces, they did have a couple of Rigid Raiders, or were they Geminis? No matter, whatever they were got the shyte shot out of them on a beach in 'Stalag Gaza' about the same time the Aid flotilla got some: Nevermind, I'm sure the big-wig yids'll come up with something to feed their media.

    It just gets more ridiculous everyday.

    Cheers, nice piece...



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