Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hitler, TV & Alvin Lee and Ten Years After


Found the following comment at Les Visible's excellent blog, "Smoking Mirrors: The Royal Lizard Emporium of the Feckless Doom."
For the last few years, while watching TV, I would occasionally feel the same urge that drove Mr Cowan off the cliff. [Who shot his TV after seeing Bristol Palin dancing, then held the cops at bay for 15 hours]

And I can assure you, at least in my case, it wasn't about dancing with the stars. Sometimes I would lose control and start shouting at blue screen. One day I suddenly realized: I don't have to do this, all I need to do is just cancel my TV subscription. And that's exactly what I did. Believe it or not, my health has improved considerably since then both mentally and physically, not to mention I saved some money that otherwise would go to the brainwashing industry.

Now when I get a call from ATT suggesting I get U-verse bundle, I ask them how much ATT would pay me if I except the deal. Usually a moment of silence follows on the other side of the phone line, which I cease promptly to explain to them, in civilized terms of course, what they should do with their bundle deals.

But ATT keeps calling. I have tried to plead with them not to call me. I would hang up on them, I would let them do the sales pitch and keep silent until they hang up on me, I would let my 6-year old kid do the talking with them - nothing worked. The last time they called, I thought of a solution (a final solution, hopefully): I asked them whether the conversation has being recorded or not. After I got affirmative answer, I said I have a message for you of my own, and played the following into the receiver:
Adolf Hitler - Speech (1933)

If they call me back, I have some more messages to play for them. This is my little way of letting 'the rich and the powerful' their time is running out.

Every one of you can do the same. Be little creative in your own way and let the bastards know we have had enough.
Which led me to Alvin Lee and Ten Years After and their song, "Turned Off TV Blues."

Alvin Lee is one of the better blues/rock guitarists from the 1970's and is still kicking ass today.

Their album, "Rock and Roll Music to the World" is a classic and if you haven't listened to this masterpiece, do yourself a favor and do so.


  1. Television is the saddest thing ever invented and should be
    against the law.It ruins people.
    If you stay away completely the rewards get bigger and brighter.
    Here is one of many for me;
    Times are tough;people getlaid-off;
    I CAN'T get laid-off because I'm theonly one in the company who knows
    every phone-number,every combination,every code every designation,and more,off the top of my head. They call me all day,every day;
    "Giuli,what is the number for such-and-such"
    "243386",I say,"and write it down!"
    "How can you remember everything"
    "I already told you; NO TV!
    and write it down!"
    Great site! Onward and Outward!

  2. No tv.

    I had the local provider trying to sell me a "bundle" deal.

    You know take three services and save?

    I said no thanks.

    The day has passed, it is dinner time and the tv has not been turned on.

    NO cable, no dish tv, nothing.

    What little watched is picked up old school. Through the air.

    Anyway dingleberry trying to upsell me, says "No tv" !

    What do you do?

    I replied lots.
    But the next time, I am going to reply, what is it you are not doing?

  3. penny, I know exactly the triple play provider you're talking about since we subscribe to their service. we are doing it just for the basic TV coverage and high speed internet. this bastard company charge you arms 'n legs if you only want to get the internet coverage without the basic cable.

    Since I grew up in a shitty third world country during my teen years, I got accustomed to lies and deception fed through TV. I was aware of the chosen lot and their murderous, parasitical behaviors from an early age. Of course I had to force myself to be a sheeple when I moved here, had to suppressed everything that I've learned until 9/11 happened. Trust me, being in veggie stage wasn't fun!

    I watch those entertainment shows just to catch up who's jewish, which goy celeb is marrying a jew/jewess to climb to the hollyweird's elite list and creating more of crypto judeo-Christian households etc. I'm practically immune to their deceptions these days. :)

    Ouch, I know Greg will hate me for mentioning this but since the sheeple in this country don't get enough of the palin clan, todd palin (sarah's hubby) might be joining "Dancing with the stars" next year to keep 'em mesmerized until queen esther (sarah) ascend to the throne in 2012.

    What will Mr. Cowen do?? ... Guess we have to wait until then!!

  4. I told my 18 yr old daughter recently after a heated debate over the gay movement (she thinks I am a bigot) I said the thing I regret most is having a TV in the house.

  5. Television is the saddest thing ever invented and should be
    against the law.It ruins people

    Agreed. That's why I don't buy into those 'Chemtrails.'

    Why go to all that trouble, trying to disperse a chemical agent thru the air at 40,000 feet, flying at 500 MPH, when you've already have the biggest mind washer in everyone's home, some even have 2, 3 or 4, sitting, ready to go 24/7, with a flick of the switch.

    Even me, which is used mostly to check up on the latest BS, lies and psyops on the CABAL News Network and FUX.

    If I watch anything else, it's Turner Classic Movies.

    I love those old 'Black and White' movies from the 1930's, 40' and 50's, especially the 'film noir' ones where everyone is 'dirty' breaking the laws, even the detective cleaning the up the messes left behind by his client.

    And the weather, since where I live, the Missouri Ozarks, can get some pretty interesting weather real quick, like tornados.

  6. If you spent less time watching
    movies you'd have more time for
    Kidding of course as I want her all to myself!
    But the photo of the twin towers
    and the IX XI stream is too small
    and I can't see it. Where is a hi-res
    version of this poster?

  7. I dont like penny at all

    just saying

    I try to forgive CHristians though

    just saying

  8. Greg Bacon

    do Goon aquads have decent senses of humopr

    how well do they mix with

    wise ass civiolians?

    un relenting wise ass civilians?


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