Wednesday, December 15, 2010

"Let's Celebrate Christmas by Raping Women & Children and Sodomizing Men!"


Lest we forget during 'Merry Conspicuous Consumption' season what type of people we have become.
Abu Ghraib abuse photos 'show rape'

Further photographs are said to depict sexual assaults on prisoners with objects including a truncheon, wire and a phosphorescent tube.

Detail of the content emerged from Major General Antonio Taguba, the former army officer who conducted an inquiry into the Abu Ghraib jail in Iraq.
"Oh Beautiful, for Spacious skies, for Raping Children in the Name of Democracy"

Major General Antonio Taguba, the general tasked with investigating the 'alleged' stories of rape and torture at Abu Ghraib, actually investigated and shined a light on the USA's horrific practices.

His reward?

He was forced to retire for exposing the truth.

"You haven’t begun to see evil…’ then trailed off. He said, ‘horrible things done to children of women prisoners, as the cameras run.’

Gen. Taguba on torture: 'there is no longer any doubt that the current administration committed war crimes'

Now where would the "Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave' get tips on how to torture and humiliate Muslims and Arabs?

Abu Ghraib torture trail leads to Israel

Since 1967, some 650,000, men and women have been in and out Israelis prison where they had been jailed for long periods of time. A large number of them say have been subjected to severe torture that left many of them physically and mentally handicapped. Some of the old ex-prisoners have kept their stories to themselves and have not shared it with others.

All Roads Lead to Tel Aviv

Various individuals working for US military contractors, CACI and Titan were cited in the Taguba report. Those individuals included Steven Stephanowicz and John Israel. CACI is a huge private military contractor for the US military. It provides information and translation relation services to the armed forces. CACI has strong links to Israel as well. The CEO of CACI, J.P. “Jack” London was awarded the Albert Einstein Technology Award by the Jerusalem Fund of Aish HaTorah which was presented by Israeli Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz in January...

a stronger Israeli-US alliance has been taking covert shape. Hersh stated “Israeli commandos and intelligence units have been working closely with their American counterparts at the Special Forces training base at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, and in Israel to help them prepare for operations in Iraq. Israeli commandos are expected to serve as ad-hoc advisers — again, in secret— when full-field operations begin”. The Guardian newspaper has also reported on Israeli military activities with American forces training for and based in Iraq. It also appears that Israeli interrogation/torture methods used on the Palestinians for many years might also have found their way into Iraqi prison camps.


Our Business is Killing and Business is Good

CACI's 2003 net income for the 3rd quarter was $11.5 million, from a gross of 220 million.

CACI reported a strong first quarter in fiscal 2011, announced that profit grew to $28.7 million, up 20 percent from $23.9 million in the same period a year earlier. Revenue increased almost 13 percent, to $834 million.

Think the USSA has stopped its jailing, torture, rape and killing of Israel's 'existential' enemies?

We haven't, we just do a better job of hiding our war crimes.

US Expands Prison In Afghanistan

Maybe Our Next President Will Be Better?

Jewish Money Controls Presidential Candidates

"A lot of the Jewish money from New York. Come on, let's not kid about it. A significant percentage of Jewish money, and many leading American Jews support the Israeli position that Iran is an existential threat. And I think it's as simple as that. When you're from New York and from New York City, you take the view of -- right now, when you're running a campaign, you follow that line. And there's no other explanation for it, because she's smart enough to know the downside."

NONE of this would have been possible without THIS



The "TRUTH" violates Photobuckets 'Terms of Use?'

Here's my "Terms of Use,' FUCK OFF.

So it's OK for PHOTOFUCKET to host pics (Found in less than 30 seconds) of soft-core porn, but not the horrid TRUTHS about what the USSA is doing to the Muslim world?

Nude Women :: Dollicia Bryan Show Magazine 6 picture by Doo607 - Photobucket

Show this to your 'AshkeNAZI' fiends, you bottom feeding dwellers. Reliving the 'Good Ol' Days' about how you and your Zionist BACK-STABBERS took control of the world will probably give them a hard-iron... or at least make them 'High-Five each other, Laugh and have a good time.'



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  3. I don't censor anything, except the spammers

    But at the person's request, I did censor a comment left by a legit poster.

  4. M, thanks for the interesting tips.

    That Veritas character once demanded that I remove a comment from on one of my postings from someone that he didn't like.

    I didn't and he removed his comment from my blog and stopped visiting.

    I don't censor anything, except the spammers.

    The ads get tossed overboard as soon as I find them.

    As for Craig, I don't know and don't care.

    At least I've got the cajones to post my REAL name.

    As for both of their sites, maybe they need to read what JC said in the Bible about praying and making public displays about how 'holy' you are.

  5. Best if the Israelis all go home to New York or Warsaw or wherever, and take up jobs in entertainment.

    - Aangirfan

  6. Goon Squad, proud violator of the Photobucket terms of use! The club is growing.

  7. Best if the Israelis all go home to New York or Warsaw or wherever, and take up jobs in entertainment.

    - Aangirfan

    Is that you, Helen Thomas?

    You're one of my heroes!!!

    Thanks Saladin!

    I'm like 'Popeye the Sailor Man,' I am who I say I am, Greg Bacon, living in the Missouri Ozarks.

    P.S. To "Aangirfan."

    When I ran 'Spell Check' on this comment, one of the choices that came up was "Angiosperm."

    It's not what it seems like, 'Angiosperms' are a type of flower, quite pretty!

  8. Hey GB,...Excellent work as usual, now then:

    I cannot understand why musique would be tattle-telling on me, I have done nothing wrong, obviously you have been offended by whatever was in the deleted comment: However, for the sake of clarity, as for “that veritas character” – I do not ever espouse my godliness, quite the opposite. I have made my identity clear at every Blog I have commented at, which is not many and perhaps not this Blog.
    Earlier this year I did choose to remain aloof, however, I never demanded anything, I made the point that the ad hominem remark made by ‘dublin mick’ was part of his personal grudge against me and that he was stalking me through other peoples comment sections. I did ask that you remove the offensive comment because it was off topic to the extreme and was entirely abusive toward me and unwarranted. You said that people do engage in heated debate and that you would not be removing the comment, fine.
    Yes I removed my comments and stayed away from your blog for some weeks, why expose oneself to abuse. When I saw that ‘dm’ hardly ever commented at/frequented your site, I returned, apologised for my childishness and since then we have visited each other’s blogs and posted comments.
    Here is an excerpt from some of the surreptitious emailing that I get from musique:
    Wed 15th 19:49
    “WOW .... Many thanks, veritas!! I was checking out his comments at Joe Cortina's site .. besides his obsessive compulsive love confession about bush( God cursed monkey faced satan) was I surprised to see how he feels about the Muslims or Islam? Nope, now I know why he has issues with Mark Glenn or occasionally with Daryl Bradford.
    ..."I have had bad personal experiences with Muslims, and I can recall only one good experienc with a muslim, though I havent had a lot of at bats not that what I think matters all that much but I am not a big fan of muslims or Islam".

    Guess who's a Muslim here! I was verry impressed reading Joe's reaction to Craig's, so glad to have someone like him.

    Craig is leaving creepy comments at Greg's sites recently, we gotta warn Greg!

    Merci beaucoup, cousin V!!


    And what I believe is the comment and response musique finds so “creepy”, (I find whispering like Uriah Heep creepy...)

    Craig said...

    hey veritas

    just wanted to offer my opinion on some people you link to, most all of them I like but
    for what its worth
    you know how I feel about Mark Glenn
    I wont go further on that
    I am also suspicious of that guy Greg Bacon
    I have changed my opinion on the I am witness Darryl Bradford SMith guy

    I like him now

    hope this doesnt
    damage our relationship [???]

    Friday, December 10, 2010 2:18:00 PM

    veritas6464 said...

    Hey Craig,...Merry Christmas in the most Christian sense of the reason for the season: Greg Bacon is in my opinion, one of the stalwarts of the resistance. It is often difficult for those among us that have not placed themselves in the line of fire, those sheltered citizens that have not offered their own lives and limbs up for the supreme sacrifice in the defence of their brothers and sisters, to understand the passion and commitment that men and women that have stepped up to the barricade and remained there through adversity, resolute; to be counted.
    Friday, December 10, 2010 2:30:00 PM

    Paul Grice of Brisbane, Australia.



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  10. Veritas, there was NO tattle-telling from my part!! Greg, Please kindly back me up on this ... or put it up , just to clarify things. There were no personal vendetta against anyone from my side.

    Thanks a million, Greg!

  11. opps ... meant to say put up the comments that I've requested to delete.

  12. Hey GB,...Relax musique it is not a big deal, it's just that I have been involved in other peoples shit here twice now and it is annoying. If I want to fuck up, trust me, I am fully capable of doing it myself! I was trained by professionals in the Australian Regular Army to fuck things up.

    stop panicking

    Paul Grice

    aka veritas6464

  13. what I got aout of the above

    Veritas still likes me (cool)

    Bacon doenst give a shit (oh well, I give a shit about him)

    Cortina (I lean towards thinking he likes me, but might be wrong)

    Musique (we dont know where each other are coming from, so lets wait and see)

    if I am off let me know

    I am a little sore about Bacon not caring about me

    but I would imagine that knowing myself I probably wouldnt mix well with a member of a goon squad

    but I am trying to learn

  14. obviously you have been offended by whatever was in the deleted comment

    The comment I deleted was removed by request by the original author.

    Musique, I'm not sure how I can retrieve and re-post what was deleted, but I'll poke around my Blogger site and see if it's still hanging around in some wayward area.

    As for the rest, those who control the world and cause the misery, death and destruction that gives them power, control, wealth and probably gets them sexually aroused enjoy seeing us 'little people' fight and snarl at one another, that gives them more breathing room.

  15. Hey GB,..As far as I am concerned the issue is ended, no need to give the yids anymore cheap thrills over the home teams' pettiness.

    My only desire is to smash the satanic yiddish tyranny; I don't cares who kicks the winning goals.

    Also, I take no responsibilty for the 'Craig' loopy comments.


    Paul Grice

    aka veritas6464

  16. Thank you ...thank you & thank you! Many thanks Greg, can't thank you enough.

    Even though veritas seems to be fine still I wanted to assure him that there was no fire throwing/back stabbing rather it was collection of links containing bizarro antics of Craig.

    I am deeply and sincerely sorry for causing misunderstanding and taking the full responsibility.

  17. bizarro antics of Craig.

    oh ill show you bizarro antics

    just you wait

    just you wait


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