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The LIES of Sean Hannity, Zionist Stooge and Media Assassin

Mr.'Family Values' at a Nevada Brothel. Any 'freebies' Sean?


Sean Hannity Show on 105.7 KNRS, which bills itself as "Family Values" Talk Radio

'Family Values' like Telling Lie after Lie, Sean laddie?,
All Hannity quotes from Hannity and Colmes unless otherwise noted.

HANNITY: "You're not listening, Susan. You've got to learn something. He had weapons of mass destruction. He promised to disclose them. And he didn't do it. You would have let him go free; we decided to hold him accountable." (4/13/04)

FACT: Hannity's assertion comes more than six months after Bush Administration weapons inspector David Kay testified his inspection team had "not uncovered evidence that Iraq undertook significant post-1998 steps to actually build nuclear weapons or produce fissile material" and had not discovered any chemical or biological weapons. (Bush Administration Weapons Inspector David Kay, 10/2/03)

HANNITY: "Colin Powell just had a great piece that he had in the paper today. He was there [in Iraq]. He said things couldn't have been better." (9/19/03)

FACT: "Iraq has come very far, but serious problems remain, starting with security. American commanders and troops told me of the many threats they face--from leftover loyalists who want to return Iraq to the dark days of Saddam, from criminals who were set loose on Iraqi society when Saddam emptied the jails and, increasingly, from outside terrorists who have come to Iraq to open a new front in their campaign against the civilized world." (Colin Powell, 9/19/03)

HANNITY: "And in northern Iraq today, this very day, al Qaeda is operating camps there, and they are attacking the Kurds in the north, and this has been well-documented and well chronicled. Now, if you're going to go after al Qaeda in every aspect, and obviously they have the support of Saddam, or we're not." (12/9/02)

FACT: David Kay was on the ground for months investigating the activities of Hussein's regime. He concluded "But we simply did not find any evidence of extensive links with Al Qaeda, or for that matter any real links at all." He called a speech where Cheney made the claim there was a link "evidence free." (Boston Globe, 6/16/04)

HANNITY: "[After 9-11], liberal Democrats at first showed little interest in the investigation of the roots of this massive intelligence failure...[Bush and his team] made it clear that determining the causes of America's security failures and finding and remedying its weak points would be central to their mission." (Let Freedom Ring, by Sean Hannity)

: Bush Opposed the creation of a special commission to probe the causes of 9/11 for over a year. On 5/23/02 CBS News Reported "President Bush took a few minutes during his trip to Europe Thursday to voice his opposition to establishing a special commission to probe how the government dealt with terror warnings before Sept. 11." Bush didn't relent to pressure to create a commission, mostly from those Hannity would consider "liberal" until September 2002. (CBS News, 5/23/02)

HANNITY: "You want to refer to some liberal activist judge..., that's fine, but I'm going to go directly to the source. The author of the Bill of Rights [James Madison] hired the first chaplain in 1789, and I gotta' tell ya' somethin', I think the author of the Bill of Rights knows more about the original intent--no offense to you and your liberal atheist activism--knows more about it than you do." (9/4/02)

TRUTH: The first congressional chaplains weren't hired by James Madison--they were appointed by a committee of the Senate and House in, respectively, April and May, 1789, before the First Amendment even existed. James Madison's view: "Is the appointment of Chaplains to the two Houses of Congress consistent with the Constitution, and with the pure principle of religious freedom? In strictness the answer on both points must be in the negative." (James Madison)

HANNITY: "Look, we've had these reports, very disturbing reports -- and I have actually spoken to people that have confirmed a lot of the reports -- about the trashing of the White House. Pornographic materials left in the printers. They cut the phone lines. Lewd and crude messages on phone machines. Stripping of anything that was not bolted down on Air Force One. $200,000 in furniture taken out." (1/26/01)

TRUTH: According to statements from the General Services Administration that were reported on May 17, little if anything out of the ordinary occurred during the transition, and "the condition of the real property was consistent with what we would expect to encounter when tenants vacate office space after an extended occupancy."
Source: Center for American Progress

Sean is constantly agitating for more death and destruction, raising his pom-poms and cheerleading for his Zionist Masters 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel,' and why not? The pay is good--22 million a year--and he's never served in the military, let alone seen combat.

How does a nobody, who doesn't have a journalism degree, let alone a college degree, who was in Southern California working as a bartender, then in construction and whose only prior stint on radio was doing a small bit on a local college radio show, get into the 'Big Times?'

Sean, are ye from the 'old country?' That 'old country' on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean?

Yes, Sean's a lifetime member of the glorious 'ChickenHawk 101st Keyboard Brigade'!

'Family Values,' like Sean Hannity Running Dishonest Charity that preys on wounded troops?

A Washington watchdog group formally complained to the Federal Trade Commission on Monday that Fox News host Sean Hannity has played on sympathy for wounded troops to raise money, without fulfilling promises to help children of those killed or injured during wartime.

The Center for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington asked the Federal Trade Commission to investigate Freedom Concerts, affiliated with the Freedom Alliance, for falsely promoting that all concert proceeds would be donated to a scholarship fund for the children of those killed or wounded in war.
Premier Marketing, a company run by Duane Ward, markets and manages the concerts. Ward also runs the Premier Speakers Bureau, which represents Hannity and retired Lt. Col. Oliver North, founder of the Freedom Alliance and now an honorary chairman.
More lies and distortions from this 'Zio-Poodle'


  1. The Sean Hannity Show (with Hannity going solo) debuted on September 10. 2001.

    Many of these talk shows are run on stations that are tied in with Clear Channel - linked to Orit Gadiesh, of the Israeli Mossad

    Hannity's show is thru ABC, which is "extraordinarily gay". Family values my ass.

  2. Hannity's show is thru ABC, which is "extraordinarily gay". Family values my ass.

    But 'Family Values' is a good talking point to many dumbass Americans, most of whom can't think any further ahead than to wonder what's going to be on their favorite reality show tonight.

    Sean's show debuted on 9/10/2001?

    The same day Rumsfeld announced that 2.3 TRILLION was missing from the Pentagon, and no one knew were that money MADOFF to?

    Maybe it flew like a 'DOV' to a far away place?

    Gosh, so many coincidences!!!

  3. Yes, the shills were poised and ready on 9/10/01.

    However, in my market (Seattle) the station that did conservative talk radio (KVI) abruptly switched to an oldies music format maybe a couple of months ago. Philly is another market that has lost conservative talk - and I don't know where else this is happening. KVI also had Coast to Coast AM, which is PERFECT for the Seattle market (according to Arbitron).

    I look on this trend as some sort of omen - though of what, I am not sure.


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