Tuesday, December 28, 2010


During the 2004 Vice Presidential debates, Vice President Cheney attacked Senator John Edwards for saying he kept trying to link Iraq to 9/11. But he did, most notably in 2003 on "Meet the Press", and four days later, President Bush was forced to publically "clarify" Cheney's comments with yet another lie.

"DICK," there's a term for what you and 'Junior,' Rumsfeld, Powell, Wolfowitz, 'Condi' and others, like Feith did to get Americans scared enough to tilt the opinion polls your way to illegally invade, destroy and occupy Iraq and that term is TREASON.

"DICK," guess how TREASON is punished during war time?


"DICK,' this gallows pole has room for TWO, so your buddy 'Junior' can join you performing that next craze to sweep the nation, 'Dancing on Air!!!'

"See 'DICK' dance on air! Watch 'DICK' and 'Junior' meet their maker and find out where their buddy, Saddam Hussein, wound up!!!"

'DICK,' who's that knocking at your door? Why it's your old buddy and pal, the GRIM REAPER!

Time to pay up, 'DICK.'

Confirmed sources in the Nigerian government tell us, in order to keep former Vice President Cheney out of prison for crimes involving Nigeria, $500,000,000 in bribes have been promised, negotiated by former President George H.W. Bush and the Bush's mob lawyer, James Baker.

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