Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Vatican: Raping and Sodomizing Our Children and Killing our Sons

Vatican calls outrage at raping children an 'Smear Campaign"

The 18th Century English author Dr. Samuel Johnson said that "Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel."

If Mr. Johnson was around today, I believe he'd say that "Organized Religion is the last refuge of the scoundrel."
Catholic official reports support provided to North Vietnam, Nov 25, 1967

In the weekly magazine Ave Maria, which hit newsstands on this day, the Very Reverend Edward Swanstrom, auxiliary Roman Catholic Bishop of New York and head of Catholic Relief Services, wrote that the overseas relief agency of the Roman Catholic Church in the United States provided funds for sending medical supplies and hospital equipment to North Vietnam.
Being a 'recovering' Catholic, forced into organized religion first, by baptism as a baby, then being forced to attend church services at least once a week, and attending Catholic grade school and one year of Catholic high school, I can remember during the weekly Mass, Father Dwyer always asking for donations to this or that cause, saying that the Vatican promised blessings upon those who generously gave.

But he never mentioned that some of that money that the flock donated would go to North Vietnam, whose army was fighting the American occupation forces and killing the sons of the donating Catholic parents who had either been drafted or volunteered to fight the 'Godless Commies.'

And 1967-1968 saw the greatest number of American troops being killed and wounded in that illegal and immoral war.

The Vatican Compares The Pedophile Scandal to The Jews Holocaust in WWII

Luckily for me, Father Dwyer wasn't into raping little boys. He had a live-in 'housemaid' that stayed in the Father's rectory (basically, a one-story ranch style house). Since I was an altar boy back then, one day, while some of us altar boys were practicing for some kind of special mass, Father Dwyer asked me to go to the rectory and pick up something or the other, ask the maid, she'll know the item's location.
As I was walking thru the rectory, looking for the 'maid,' I noticed that the rectory only had ONE bedroom with one, very large King-size bed.

That, and getting clobbered in school by nun's wielding a thick, oak yardstick for asking the wrong questions about religion got me started on the path to 'Losing my Religion.'

War is SELL

The Religious Beginnings of an Unholy War: The Shocking Story of the Catholic "Church's" Role in Starting the Vietnam War

North Vietnamese Army / Vietnam People's Army Training Bayonet / Kendo, Infantry, Tanks, Fighter Aircrafts & Torpedo Boats.

Catholic Church Plays Major Role in Helping North Vietnam

In the case of Vietnam, the role played by the Catholic Church has been paramount. Not only during the conflict, but also during the agonizing period of its termination. It was then that the Vatican struck a deal with the Communists of the North, while the USA went on fighting. The Pope externalized the secret Vatican-North Vietnam deal by consecrating the WHOLE of Vietnam—that is the North and the South to the Virgin Mary. This was years before the war had even ended. Details of the secretive Vatican-Communist operations can be assessed in the work of the present author Vietnam, Why Did We Go?

The consecration of the United Communist Vietnam was done by good Pope John XXIII, and seconded by Pope Paul VI. A religious move, which had indicated on which side the Vatican had sided, when the USA had began to lose the war.

The trio had been inching for years toward veritable religious persecution of the vast majority of the country's population of 15 million, only 1,500,000 of whom were Catholics.
This is a short audio clip from Hanoi Hannah, a well known North Vietnamese Propaganda radio voice


  1. like your label, opium for the masses.

    regarding the previous post.
    I had no idea the amount of people dying surrounding 9/11.
    all so convenient

  2. I had no idea the amount of people dying surrounding 9/11.
    all so convenient

    A little too convenient, just like the people that had witnessed the real JFK murder that conflicted with the Warren Report and they too started dying in mysterious ways.

  3. Religion is for the stupid,it's nothing but another tool to control the sheeple.Every religion wants to brainwash the children,they want total control over your life and your money.If given the power they will kill anyone who disagrees with them

  4. Shocked to see these videos..feel like there is no humanity on this planet..

    General CV


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