Sunday, January 23, 2011

A STERN Warning from Israeli CRIME MINISTER 'Betty' Nuttyahoo

Picture of 'Bibi' in a former life


Keep digging up the TRUTH about what actually happened on that 'day that changed everything' and I'll order my MOSSAD katsas and sayanim to hit America again, you sniveling fools.


'Betty' Nuttyahoo, Israel CRIME MINISTER.

(Note: When I use my computer's spell checker on the above comment, it offered up the word 'SATANISM' to replace Sayanim.)

What 'Bib' looks like today, w/o makeup. Notice the 'Star of David' he's wearing?


9/11 Video Clips Dan Rather Would Rather Not Show You

A few excerpts of live television coverage of the events on September 11, 2001.

Original footage from Chopper 4 of second impact on the WTC as shown live on NBC Sept. 11 2001.

9/11 Video Clips Dan Rather Would Rather Not Show You Part 2

For a very good view of what the North Tower really looked like before it was blown up go to and click on "Tower 2 fireball". Also, at the tail end of that video clip you can see a helicopter or plane in the background. In none of the fake plane crash videos do we see a helicopter or plane there

Report From Ground Zero

Tower 2 fireball: Select high-resolution version (67MB) (update 2009-05-02: this video has been re-uploaded, and is now available in its entirety) or smaller version (13MB). There is also a shorter version with a higher frame rate in both a high-resolution version (55MB) (update 2009-05-02: this video has been re-uploaded, and is now available in its entirety) and a smaller version (31MB).
Note: The reporters' voices that you hear in the background are coming from a television right next to the camera. Reports started arriving almost immediately after the first strike.

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  1. Hey GB,...That 'Chopper 4' vid is bizarre; I have never seen that one before, I thought I’d seen it all(grin). Those billowing red and black clouds indicate a fuel explosion, as you would know; also, if they had only used HE there would have been no theatrical plume, as in hollyweird spec-fx. So, if there was no actual plane and then a virtual plane chroma-keyed later, then yes the yids needed a plume to suggest av-gas exploding. Why not just ‘remote’ a plane into the building which is consistent with the technology the yids have been developing for 40 years? This Post is phuqing my mind: I had resolved all my 911 ideas and now I have a “No plane” issue. You have covered the 911 crime more than anyone I know(trust) out here; what’s your take on the Chopper 4 vid? Spec-fx, bluebeam, digital overlays?

    Excellent and compelling work...



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