Monday, February 14, 2011

A BIG Thank You to Your Royal Highness, HRM Hillary Clinton!

Her Royalness shows the World Her Arrogance

August 10, 2009 -- At a town hall event in Africa, a translator told Sec. Clinton that a student wanted to know what her husband thought about the economy. Clinton became agitated, saying, "My husband is not the Secretary of State, I am." The translator, however, apparently misspoke - the student had asked for President Obama's opinion.

For without your ignorance about world affairs, without your heavy-handed ways of dealing with people you think are your inferiors, which is pretty much everyone and without your outright stupidity at the helm of the State Department, without those little extras helping them, the brave and principled Egyptians might not have escaped the grasp of your good friend, the liar, thief, mass murderer and Torturer-in-Chief (no, not your husband) Mubarak.

By surrounding yourself with ass-kissers; sycophants and suck-ups who told you what you wanted to hear and NOT what you needed to know, you went on about your merry ways, firmly convinced that the thug Mubarak would be able to continue to choke the live out of the courageous Egyptian people.

That might of been the little extra edge the freedom loving Egyptians needed to boot the murderous Mubarak out of their beautiful country.

HRM Hillary Addresses the USA's Ambassador Envoys


And another BIG "Thank You" for your convening a meeting of the top envoys from nearly all of America's 260 embassies, consulates and other posts in more than 180 countries at the State Department.

A first in State Department history.

I imagine you gave those poor souls a good ass-chewing, taking out your short-comings on those folks, some of whom I imagine are decent people, actually trying to help put a good face on America, the former land of the free and home of the brave.

I bet you even called some of those envoys to the front, dressing them down in front of their fellow colleagues, just to show YOU 'da man, large and in charge and to try and put the fear of god into those people, getting a royal ass-chewing for something they didn't do, but to give cover to your ineptitude.

You probably created much resentment that day, which means more freedom loving people around the globe will now have a better chance to escape the grasp of Israel's colony, the USSA.

Again, a BIG 'THANK YOU" for your arrogance, ignorance and clueless ways of the dealing with this complicated world.

Your Royalness, you want to see what courage, integrity and people of principles--grab a dictionary and look up the word--look and sound like?

Asmaa Mahfouz recorded and posted this vlog on January 26th, after an eventful Tuesday on January 25th, the first day of th revolution. She describes what she saw and urges people to continue and join her after Friday prayers, on January 28th.

Dr. Ashraf Ezzat Reporting from Egypt; Free And Proud at Last

P.S. One more "Thank You" for occassionally saving American tax dollars by using your broom to travel, instead of your luxurious taxpayer funded jet!!!


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