Tuesday, February 8, 2011

GW BUSH: WANTED for Mass Murder, War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity, Fraud, Theft and Perjury

Anyone Having Information on this DESPICABLE BASTARD should contact the "FBI Tips and Public Leads" web page at this link

Support Bush Torture Indictment & Help Ensure Accountability

On February 7, 2011, the ninth anniversary of the day former president George W. Bush decided the Geneva Conventions did not apply to so-called “unlawful combatants,” CCR released a Bush Torture Indictment. The Indictment provides a strong factual and legal basis to hold Bush accountable--in any of the 147 countries which have ratified the Convention Against Torture (CAT)--for having authorized torture . Learn about it, tell others, and help us build pressure to secure accountability for torture by top U.S. officials.


The Bush Torture Indictment is based on two criminal complaints that were to be filed on February 7 in Switzerland... There are more than 2,500 pages of supporting material, and CCR obtained the suport of two Nobel Peace Prize winners, more than 60 NGOs, and two former UN Special Rapporteurs on Torture and on the Independence of Judges and Lawyers. Swiss law requires the presence of the torturer on Swiss soil before a preliminary investigation can be opened.

In a victory for our efforts to make sure torturers know they are not above the law, and that there are no safe havens, Bush canceled his trip to Switzerland to avoid facing the possibility of prosecution. We will make sure the Bush Torture Indictment is waiting for him wherever he travels next.
Matt Lauer went after Bush over his secret prisons and the use of torture on the captured terrorists via The Today Show this morning. He was uncommonly strong and didn't back down when Bush gave his pet answer. He hits the right note because if what we've been doing is legal then why was there the need for secret prisons? When Bush gets cornered--he starts saying he's not going to talk about it anymore...

Anyone who still believes what the Bush-Cheney Junta and the Zionist owned MSM says about those 19 Arabs being directed by a man dying from kidney disease, living in a cave 12,000 miles away, pulling off 9/11 is either an Israeli disinfo agent, bought off or should stick to watching 'Lady Ga Ga' videos.

Even the FBI's "Most Wanted Terrorist" page lists Bin Laden as being wanted for those African embassy bombings, but NOT 9/11 because they don't have any evidence.
Rex Tomb, Chief of Investigative Publicity for the FBI, “The reason why 9/11 is not mentioned on Osama bin Laden’s Most Wanted page is because the FBI has no hard evidence connecting bin Laden to 9/11.”
Remember all those statements after the 9/11 FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB by government officials, including the FBI, that they had no idea that 9/11 was going to happen, yet on that day, within hours of the 'Twins' imploding, the Zionist owned MSM had pictures of the 19 alleged hijackers they showed repeatedly on the TV?

A psyops job to install hatred in our horrified minds so we'd get behind the long planned 'Shock and Awe' campaign against Israel's 'existential' enemies.

A slick propaganda job that would make Josef Goebbels jealous with envy.

W tries to squirm his way out of tough questions asked of him by a courageous Irish interviewer. Great job exposing the WORST PRESIDENT EVER as the arrogant fraud he truly is.

Now we know what that 'W" really stands for... WAR CRIMINAL

GEORGE W. BUSH, WAR CRIMINAL?: The Bush Administration’s Liability for 269 War Crimes


"Dang it," said GW when he found out he couldn't go to Switzerland, talk to his good buddies, the Israeli's STEALING Palestine and pick up that suitcase filled with gold coins from the eternally grateful Jews killing Palestinians and stealing their land, helped along by hiding behind the 9/11 FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB.
Mossad ran 9/11 Arab "hijacker" terrorist operation

The Mossad infiltration team comprised six Israelis, comprising two cells of three agents, who all received special training at a Mossad base in the Negev Desert in their future control and handling of the "Al Qaeda" cells. One Mossad cell traveled to Amsterdam where they submitted to the operational control of the Mossad's Europe Station, which operates from the El Al complex at Schiphol International Airport. The three-man Mossad unit then traveled to Hamburg where it made contact with Mohammed Atta, who believed they were sent by Osama Bin Laden. In fact, they were sent by Ephraim Halevy, the chief of Mossad.

The second three-man Mossad team flew to New York and then to southern Florida where they began to direct the "Al Qaeda" cells operating from Hollywood, Miami, Vero Beach, Delray Beach, and West Palm Beach. Israeli "art students," already under investigation by the Drug Enforcement Administration for casing the offices and homes of federal law enforcement officers, had been living among and conducting surveillance of the activities, including flight school training, of the future Arab "hijacker" cells, particularly in Hollywood and Vero Beach.
"The truth is, there is no Islamic army or terrorist group called Al Qaida. And any informed intelligence officer knows this. But there is a propaganda campaign to make the public believe in the presence of an identified entity representing the 'devil' only in order to drive the TV watcher to accept a unified international leadership for a war against terrorism. The country behind this propaganda is the US . . ." -- Former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook
Source: Global Research

Was Robin Cook murdered?


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