Monday, February 7, 2011

Israel to Enter 12 Step anti-Violence Abuse Program


Tel Aviv--Israeli CRIME MINISTER 'Betty' Nuttyahoo, in televised address to the people of Israel, stated that the everyone in the state of Israel would be getting care for their diseased minds, which has caused the entire nation to act as if they were god-like, choosing who will live and who will die, and at the same time, getting cured from their habitual need to steal other people's property, wealth and resources.

Nuttyahoo said that psychologists from the Houston, Texas "George W. Bush Institute for the Criminally Insane" would be visiting Israel, to set up clinics where the entire nation could seek help for their neurotic tendencies to lie; cheat; steal; murder; set off False Flags; spy on their friends and back-stab their #1 supporter, the USA.

The Houston, Texas based world famous "George W. Bush Institute for the Criminally Insane"


"We must come to terms with our diseased DNA, which professionals believe is mostly responsible for our nation being a crazed, murderous, lying, thieving bunch of butchers, who have an intense hatred for the GOYIM and treat them much, much worse than some Dark Age king treated his serfs," said CRIME MINISTER Nuttyahoo.
"Part of this isn't only to be blamed on our DNA, but to the fact that thanks to our control of the MSM and most central banks, like the Federal Reserve, we are able to make slaves out of nations like the USA, commanding them to 'Shock and Awe' any ME or SW Asia nation we don't like, which is pretty well most of them, that is truly the sign of a seriously warped mind-set."

He continued, "Due to that immense amount of power and money at our disposal, we're able to murder at will anyone, anywhere, anytime and NOT face any consequences nor damage our relations with our cash machine and weapons depot, the USA. Also, our delusions of grandeur about being G-d's Chosen Ones, entitled to take what we want, when we want it, plays a factor."

"I've come to the belief that we are addicted to our anti-social, thuggish and very violent ways of dealing with others, that bloody violence serves as a 'fix' in much the same way a junkie will shoot up heroin to temporarily ease the cravings for more, more and more," said Israel's CRIME MINISTER.

"Our complete lack of guilt over murdering innocents, like shooting children in the head, their pregnant mothers in the stomach or robbing our friends blind, like the USA, shows we have completely lost touch with whatever humanity once might have resided in our now blackened, shrunken souls. We have gone so far over the edge of sanity that we are unable to control our cravings for death and destruction, as long as it happens to the GOY."

"We use our 'wars of aggression' to satisfy a sadistic lust to watch others suffer and laugh at the scenes of carnage, while our insane Rabbis bless us for carrying out what we crazily think is 'G-d's work. How can 'G-d's' work involve shooting caged Gaza Zoo animals?"

Zookeeper Emad Jamil Qasim looks at the remains of a pregnant camel at the Gaza zoo. A missile fired by Israeli troops shot through the back of the camel. In every corner of the zoo and in every cage lie dead animals.


Nuttyahoo said that "We use these endless cycles of violence in the same way an alcoholic uses booze, to repress withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, irritability, nausea, and tremors."

"This must stop if we have any chance of once again becoming human, G-d willing. As part of this 12 Step Recovery Program, we are required to ask forgiveness from others for the harm or damage we've done to them, so I am now asking all of America to forgive Israel for our part in the 9/11 FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB."

"I'm asking all of humanity to pray for us, for this will be a long and difficult struggle to come to terms with our criminally insane minds."

Reporting for Holocaust™ News, this is 'Wolfie' Blitzoid from Tel Aviv.

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