Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Recent Drug Addiction & Withdrawal

Not quite as bad as this poor bastard, but in a way, this type of drug addiction is worse, since it's legal, widely available and even kids drink the stuff.


I heat my house with fire wood that I cut, chop, split and stack using only hand tools, except for the chain saw needed to fell the tree.

It's intense, back-breaking work that makes me sweat quite a lot, even in cold weather and gives me a powerful thirst. Sometimes, just drinking cold water didn't quiet do the trick, so I tried drinking some Diet Pepsi to help quench the thirst.
One glass did the job of helping slake my thirst, then two, then three... Soon I was drinking a 2 liter bottle a day of that stuff.

Now here's where it get's weird.

In the early morning, I'll drink 5-6 LARGE cups of strong coffee while online reading the news and composing a blog. But after 7 am, I drink NO more coffee, don't think about drinking coffee and have no cravings for the coffee's drug, caffeine.

Yet if I had not drank any Diet Pepsi by 10 am, I felt cravings for that damned stuff.

Once I realized that Diet Pepsi contained a chemical or combination of chemicals that were making me a Diet Pepsi 'junkie,' I went cold turkey and stopped drinking that toxic slop.
That's when another symptom of addiction hit me. Once my body realized it wasn't going to get anymore of that junk, I got the Diet Pepsi 'blues' for about 36 hours.

Anyone familiar with drug addiction knows that craving for a drug and then getting the 'blues' or worse after stopping the intake of that drug are two symptoms of drug addiction.

What's in that 'pause that refreshes' that turns people into Diet Pepsi junkies? I don't know, but I do know many are addicted to either it or other Diet colas, and they're usually the ones that always have a mug the size of a oil tanker in their hand, filled with their favorite diet cola drug.

They're also usually the ones who are obese, some way overweight, so it doesn't appear that the 'diet' in Diet Pepsi is working too well.

Add in the fact that medical studies have shown that those who drink large amounts of diet cola tend to get kidney stones more often than those who don't and that recent medical studies show a correlation bewteen those drinking large amounts of diet cola have heart attacks and strokes more often than those who don't are two more good reasons to stay away from that poison.

Maybe Pepsi is still using what Coca-Cola did at one time to increase sales?

Lynyrd Skynyrd Live San Francisco 1975 B&W "The Needle and the Spoon"


  1. Been there- done that.

    Huge coffee drinker and used to drink various "diet" sodas, mostly Coke.
    I quit cold turkey about 2 years ago (still drink coffee) and have had no more problems.

    Cigarettes, too, have added shit to make people crave it even more. Stay away from ANYTHING produced by these corporate criminals and you should be relatively safe.

    Headed to surgery. Wish me luck.

  2. Aspartame is definitely an addictive poison. Another legacy of Rumsfeld and friends.

    There is a use for it. Spread a packet where there are ants and it tends to make them disappear for awhile.

  3. Greg,

    Finally, I can call myself proudly an American, just happened today!! :)

    Corporate goons, here's one job (GB fan club president) that you criminals can never never outsource either to China or India, it only can be filled within the soil you all despise and robbing off her for generations.

    Sorry, got little bit emotional there....

    I gave up drinking regular corn syrup loaded cold bevs long time ago and luckily never got hooked on heavily drinking diet products. Yes, that asspershit will kill us all eventually so it is better to resist the temptation.

    Greg, how 'bout switching to teas instead?

    I should also recommend to you guys that if you have pets, stay away from buying those corn filled fillers labeled as "pet food", makes your fido fatty. Your pet will love you forever for not feeding 'em monsanto produced toxin!

    Okie, I'm off to celebrate today by drinkin red bull spiked diet something - NOT!!

  4. ugggkhhh ...

    Time to be a drug addict, irgun terrorist's son rahmmy stinkanuel (also a terrorist himself)"elected" as mayor of Chi town. Presidency will be following soon.

  5. Hi Greg,
    Pepermint tea should do the trick..it also cleans you out and makes you feel good and you can drink lots of it.
    also, you can put a bag of it in water in the fridge and you have a nice iced tea that's refreshing as well as helping you stay "aware"
    great blog!
    Cheers A13

  6. Just drink lots and lots of water, for a good detox Greg.
    You can squeeze a bit of lemon juice into if you like.

    Myself, I don't drink pop and never have. Every once in a while, but, trying to think it has been probably more then 6 months since I have had pop.
    Possibly longer?

    I refer to it as chemical swill, so it is not high on my list.

    But, I drink lots of water.

  7. I second Penny! I do drink at least 2 good sized cups of dark coffee every morning though....

    But water is key throughout the day.

    I sure hope they aren't putting aspartame in Miller Highlife, because I sure do crave those after work. Lol

  8. Thanks for the advice. I've been drinking mostly water and sugar free cranberry juice.

    That other poison that Coke and Pepsi push is nasty stuff.

  9. You guys still drink beer, don't you? That's just as bad for you as pop. So are wine coolers, alcopops, etc.

    Me, I drink pop because I like it and because it keeps me from drinking booze to begin with (remember, you can enjoy anything so ling as it's in MODERATION-know that word? Can you absolutists spell M-O-D-E-R-A-T-I-O-N?)

    I knew you could.


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