Thursday, February 10, 2011

Where Would America be W/O That "Special Relationship" with Israel?

Probably not bogged down fighting 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel,' and going broke fighting to protect Zionism at the same time, watching our sons, daughters, wives, husbands, Mothers and Fathers coming home in a body bag.

Probably not entering another 'Great Depression,' since those Zionist owned, Jewish run 'Too Big to Fail' Wall Street banks wouldn't be in business or their CEO's would be in prison.

Picture of America's F-35 Stealth Jet Fighter


Probably taking care of our own problems here at home, instead of giving the ME's #1 Terror State, Israel, billions and billions each year in FREE money; billions and billions each year in FREE weaponry and letting them steal our most precious military secrets, that Israel then sells to the highest bidder, like Communist China.

Picture of China's J-20 Stealth Jet Fighter


Where do you think China got the blueprints and schematics to build that stealth jet fighter that caught military observers off-guard
Experts surprised by quick development of Chinese stealth fighter jet
Leading experts on China today expressed surprise at the speed with which the country's J20 stealth aircraft was developed.
Maybe that 'loyal' American, RABBI Dov Zakheim, could assist Israel with this latest theft?

Israel is now paying to brainwash groups of Christian kids and to teach them falsehoods and sham stories totally opposed to Christianity.

What's shocking to me is that Israel is ACTUALLY paying for something instead of using their usual method, getting what they want thru theft, extortion and the use of force to steal.

If they did pay anything, you can bet they got the money from our corrupted, sold-out Congress.

Jews insults Jesus in Israel and christian and European people.

We Killed Jesus, We're Proud Of It!


  1. Man's best friend is a dog as the saying goes. israhellis have even better pets.

    That will be us.

    We are the dogs when it comes to special relationship with israhell. Better start calling ourselves as pround Bitchraelis, much beloved VP has done that already.

    BTW, I have a cat.

    I've never seen the "jews insult Jesus ..." vid, made me sick in my stomach. Can you imagine if an evil muzzie made that "We killed Jesus, we're proud of it" remark instead of that drunken filthy kosher piglet?

    Finally, let's dedicate an appropriate song to our y'hid masters to show love & loyalty:

    Cee Lo Green - Fuck you.

    Nominated for 2011 Grammy in the song of the year category.

  2. I've finally found someone with some solutions for getting these zionazi parasites out of our lives for good.

    It's WAY past time.

  3. "Yes Sir,one FFO coming right up!
    You want to make it a Combo?"
    I don't know about you all,but I
    smell something cooking right now.
    We've demonstrated too much respect
    for the Egyptian people and their struggle, and too little fear and hatred of "mooslims" and "a-rabs"
    for "some people's" comfort.We need to be reminded how evil they are before the Brotherhood wins the
    election.(Boy,I bet this is a real
    monkeywrench in the war plan)

  4. We've demonstrated too much respect for the Egyptian people and their struggle

    Both Israel and its colony, the USSA are shitting huge bricks, worried that REAL democracy might break out in Egypt and the people take back their beautiful nation.

    If that happens, how are they going to keep Gaza on the edge of starvation?


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