Thursday, February 17, 2011

ZIO-Poodle Rep. Jane Harman RESIGNS?

Something's not right for Harman to resign, even though the other sold-out, Israeli ass-kissing Zionist lap dogs, the grave-robbing Republicans are in charge of the House, the Democrat Harman would still be a mighty force.

Maybe Harman 'waddled' into a BIG pile of Israeli dog doo-doo and her Zionist Masters told her to resign, so it wouldn't shine any light on some cockroach infested area of Israeli terrorist operations, spying or their usual back-stabbing of their ATM machine, weapons depot and loyal servant, the USSA?
Rep. Jane Harman resigns, thinning ranks of Democrats' Blue Dogs

Nine-term Rep. Jane Harman(D) of California announced her resignation Monday, a move that is being seen by some experts as a sign that the centrist was chafing under a more limited role in newly Republican House.

She is leaving to take over as president of Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, a think tank that tries to connect the world of research with public policy.

Harman is the second-richest member of the House with more than $160 million in assets. Her husband, industrialist Sidney Harman, recently completed deals to buy Newsweek and combine it with The Daily Beast.
Harman's on the House Committee on Homeland Security, a powerful position and has always supported these never-ending 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel,' and gutting the Bill of Rights, so what went wrong?

She must of stepped into something very big and stinky and the PTB want her out of the way, so it won't impede BAU in Israel's colony, the USSA.

Maybe she joined the Center so she'd be able to spend more time with a fellow traitor and member, HRM Hillary?

I'm not sure what the WW Center actually does, but here's a link to their 'Mission Statement.' Maybe you can sort thru the gibberish and figure out what this 'stink tank' does, I sure as hell can't.

But they 'celebrate' President Woodrow Wilson, which should make anyone suspicious, since Wilson helped push thru, then signed into law the world's largest counterfeiting op, the Federal Reserve, then pushed thru an income tax to support that Zionist run outfit, and during his 1916 reelection campaign, lied about keeping American out of WWI, then as soon as he won, he immediately went about getting America involved in that bloody mess.

The New York Times, say that Democrat California Congresswomen Jane Harman was caught on the wiretap telling the suspected Israeli agent that she would lobby Bush administration officials to reduce the charges against the two members of the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) accused of spying. In exchange, the sources said, the suspected agent promised to help her get appointed chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.

Rep. Jane Harman: another Jewish traitor for Israel

Congresswoman Jane Harman, a Democrat from California, has been caught on federal wiretaps making deals with a suspected Israeli spy, promising to try to get the charges against two Jews caught betraying America dropped

Josh Marshall calls the story “radioactive”. Meaning that everyone is afraid to talk about it, because everyone knows that Jews are always doing this kind of stuff to America, and if you point it out, your career will be destroyed. Only idiots accuse American Jews of dual loyalty. They’re loyal to Israel only.
Jane Harman’s exit is good news

Is it a win or a loss? I think it's a win. It takes a real rightwing crank on the issue out of Congress, where she's really standing in the road. (Her two-time primary opponent Marcy Winograd--who puts Palestinian human rights at the top of her issues list-- is thinking of running, and might actually threaten for the seat in the special election?)
Uhh, Marcy, if you do get lucky and win, be very careful about whom you hire and trust, as US politicians who actually show some compassion for the indigenous Palestinians tend to 'crash and burn.'

Literally and figuratively.



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