Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Where Did Us 'White Folk' Come From?

The REAL God of us 'Gawd' fearing Christians?


Take a look at the world's indigenous peoples, from Australia's aborigines, to the Inuit of the Northern regions, to the Incas of S. America, the Mayan descendants of Central America and Mexico, to the Native Americans, and the people of Africa and S. Asia.

They all share common features, like dark skin, dark hair and a prominent nose. So where did us 'honkies in the woodpile' come from? We're told that we all descended from people in Africa, so how did us light-skinned, fair hair types come into being?

Is it possible that in the remote past, some alien race used the Earth as a dumping ground for their criminals, much like England did with Australia's Botany Bay in the 18th Century and the Georgia colony in N. America?

That would explain how we got into the DNA mix and why us 'white folks' are the most violent breed of people on the planet. Our warped criminal DNA ancestry helps turn us into psychotic bastards, living off the backs of others, from whom we've stolen untold trillions and trillions of dollars of wealth over the centuries.

We're also good at being phony, bragging to the world that we're 'Gawd fearing Christains,' who love Jesus, when actually some, maybe a lot, have as their religion Mammonism and worship power, money and stature and we still practice the twisted ways of our ancestors; stealing from others to make a living and we don't care how many we have to kill, as long as we can live in luxury.

ET, it's time to call your experiment off!
Mayan Panels Discovered- Depicts Aliens and UFOs

Reuters reported the discovery of ancient Mayan panels that have been discovered. These panels host carvings of what appear to be Aliens and UFOs. The Reuters report did not mention any UFO or extraterrestrial connection, but UFO researchers say the carvings can't be denied.

The panels were found deep in Guatemala’s northern jungle and are said to depict Mayan creation myths. From what is gathered, the creation myths of the Maya include monsters, serpents, and deities. The site where these were found is known as "El-Mirador" and is the largest known Mayan city. The archeological site where the panels were found also had roads, structures, and canals. The area is very impressive even in today's standards.

Richard Hansen, the sites head researcher, has dated these panels back to 300BC.

UFO researchers and paranormal followers are excited about the find, as the panels clearly suggest Maya history was guided by Extraterrestrials.


  1. Either this post is pure sarcasm or the blog has been hijacked by nefarious people.

  2. Minus the UFOs it's a new version of Michael Bradley's long-ago ICEMAN INHERITANCE:


    Briefly: Caucasians had a different and rather bumpier evolutionary road from most humans. Makes us bad sometimes, huge super-achievers other times.

    BUT the real trouble was a set of SUPER-traumatized Caucasions Bradley refers to as "The Chosen People from the Caucasus" in a later book, which got him banned for life from polite company. I bet I don't have to tell you which particular group of maladapted Caucasions he was talking about.

    Anyway, the UFOs are just hooey. There's "aliens" on the walls at some Egyptian temples too... if you selectively cherry pick old images that look like them. This stuff surfaces every once in awhile to annoy real scientists.

  3. http://dublinmick.wordpress.com/2010/09/05/sitchin-and-the-disinformation-mill/

  4. http://dublinmick.wordpress.com/2010/09/05/sitchin-and-the-disinformation-mill/

  5. Agreed. Hope you averted your eyes when watching that video.

  6. Criminally insane transportees is a new one,man. I am leaning toward colonists from a savage star roaming race competing against colonists from other humanoid galactic races for millions of years on Terra - for some valuable local resource (gold? - Pineal genetics?)- Unavoidable (recent) planetary catastrophy strands and degrades these colonies until the homeys return (Mesopotamia?) and its been some dragout alleyfight ever since... hi Les. been awhile,, man...

  7. Hey Greg!

    i had been meaning to get around to your blog, popped in a few times and you hadn't been posting....

    Then I see a new one and still silence, no witty commentary?

    Hope all is well and glad to see you back

  8. Greg
    Even the star of david was stolen! Caught again!


    "Its historical use in Vedic and other ancient cultures, its use in Christianity and Islam, and its eventual adoption by the Jewish faith in the 17th century as a popular symbol of Judaism."

    the Sat-kona is mentioned in a description of the supreme abode of Goloka, the abode of Krsna.

    This is beyond the pale here.


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