Thursday, April 28, 2011

Meet Zionist Bagman and 9/11 Whitewash Expert, Lee Hamilton

People from Indiana will recognize Hamilton as formerly representing the 9th congressional district of Indiana from 1965 to 1999.

Others that don't rely on the usual projectile vomiting from the numerous Zionist hyenas investing the MSM will know Hamilton as part of a nefarious bunch of blood-thirsty gangsters that have helped tear this country to shreds, all to protect Israel and enrich Wall Street.

The short list of Hamilton's treasonous activities:

Mid-1980s: Future 9/11 Commissioner and then chairman of the House Intelligence Committee investigating the Iran-Contra affair Hamilton believes White House Lies about Iran-Contra Affair without checking and forms a deep and lasting friendship with the DICK, Cheney, who was then a Congressman and the ranking Republican on the House Intelligence Committee
The friendship continues even during Hamilton's time on the 9/11 "Omission Commission."

Hamilton and other scum bags engage in a massive cover-up to limit damage to President Reagan and avoid impeachment. Experience that would serve this bottom-feeder well after the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11.

Hamilton helped cover-up the fact that Reagan and company had engineered a secret deal to keep the hostages held captive till after the 1980 Fall elections, thereby virtually ensuring a Republican victory.
The significance of Reagan’s victory on modern American history can hardly be overstated. For instance, while Carter wanted to use his second term to press for U.S. energy independence and to secure a lasting Middle East peace, Reagan had little use for such policies and instead pushed through an anti-government agenda of tax cuts for the wealthy and deregulation of corporations.
1992-January 1993: Future Democratic 9/11 Commission Co-Chair Leads Cover-up of Republican Plot In 1992, a House of Representatives task force chaired by Democratic Congressman Lee Hamilton conducts a ten-month investigation into the “October Surprise”—an alleged Republican plot to delay the release of US hostages held in Iran in 1980 until after that year’s US presidential election. The investigation concludes in 1993 that there is “no credible evidence” of any such plot. But Robert Parry, a journalist writing for the Associated Press and Newsweek, gains access to the stored records of Hamilton’s task force. He finds clear evidence of a major cover up.

In 2002, Hamilton is appointed to the 9/11 "Omission Commission" and becomes Vice-Chairman despite his flunky background, past failures and conflicts of interest of sitting on many advisory boards, including those to the CIA, the president’s Homeland Security Advisory Council, and the US Army.

Hamilton makes his Zionist and Israeli Masters happy be appointing a 'Chosen One,' Philip Zelikow as executive director, a decision made solely by chairman Tom Kean and vice chairman Lee Hamilton.

This is the same Zelikow who bragged about the Iraq War being launched to protect Israel.

The cover-up is ensured by having a single staff led by Zelikow, and the commissioners will not have personal staffers, although this is usual on such commissions. Ben-Veniste proposes that each commissioner develop an expertise in a specific field, but this plan is blocked by Kean, Hamilton, and Zelikow.

Hamilton show his Masters he's worth every shekel by deciding to not issue subpoenas to get the info needed.

16 months before the final report is due, and before any serious investigation is undertaken, Hamilton, Kean and Zelikow issue a complete outline of completed report and they all rejoice, their only worry is that "that people might think they have pre-determined the outcome." Therefore, they all decide it should be kept secret from the commission’s staff. It is “treated as if it were the most classified document the commission possessed.” Zelikow comes up with his own internal classification system, labeling it “Commission Sensitive,” a phrase that appears on the top and bottom of each page.

9/11 Commission Chairman Lee Hamilton also Covered Up the Iran-Contra Scandal

Hamilton is still serving his Tel Aviv Masters, by leading a drive to have the mega-spy Jonathan Pollard released so he can join other back-stabbing thieves, liars and con artists in Apartheid Israel.

If Hamilton feels that strongly about releasing Pollard, maybe he would take Pollard's place?



  1. Great post,

    Lee Hamilton is directly involved in the false flag attack of 9/11, being a member of the Masonic Jewish Zionist CFR which is in turn under the control of the super secretive Jewish Knights of Malta.

    This 'Knights of Malta' is a truly international order consisting of several layers of organizational hierarchies (global business such as corporate banking ie monetary control, multinational corporations ie global business control, Vatican ie global religious control, spying and military control (All CIA chiefs, Pentagon chiefs, NATO Chiefs, Mossad Chiefs were/are Knights of Malta) All of the Bushes, the Queen, Tony Blair, Popes, Sarkozy, Putin...etc were Knights of Malta.

    The Satanic-Rothschilds created Knights of Malta's aim is to prepare for the imminent coming of Dajjal, the false Antichrist Messiah, to rule from the Temple on the Mount with Jerusalem as the capital of the World.

    The cover-up of 9/11 is truly international and total. People hoping for an investigation are living in a dreamland. The above information can easily be checked online. It is not the figment of some crank needing attention (or to misinform...)

    Welcome back online.

  2. Greg, have you noticed that all the juudeo-Xtians & juu criminals are gifted with eternal life? Death is obviously ultimatum for the goys/cattle.

  3. Great post Greg, as always. Interesting comment w. Haven't looked into the Knights of Malta, except for the videos you provided relating to Khalezov. Interesting perspective.

    From what I've researched, anyone involved in these type of operations and their subsequent cover ups are completely compromised and blackmailed, usually sexually (pedophilia, homosexuality, ect.).


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