Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Record, document and store evidence of police brutality

Cops acting like they're royal assholes?

Or have a passion for beating the crap out of people for no reason?

Then record their sordid behavior on Qik.com and send it in real time to where they'll keep an electronic record of the sadistic bastards.

I've met my share and then some of cops in my time and most were power-hungry bastards, aroused at the thought of all that power they could wield. The worst ones would wear a nasty smirk, letting you know they could murder you and get away with that crime by hiding behind a badge.

Cops need to be reined in, they've got way too much power.

And the power to deal out death is one that most of them should be stripped of.

Qik Overview

What is Qik

•Capture special or spontaneous moments on video using your mobile phone.

•Share the moments live or anytime later with anyone you choose.

Why use Qik?

•It’s convenient. Interesting moments can happen anywhere. Your mobile phone is the one device that’s always with you.

•It’s easy. Before you finish recording, your Qiks are already saved to your online Video Gallery, ready for safe-keeping or sharing. What could be easier than that?

Who can you share with?

•Anyone you choose. Share your Qiks with a single family member, a group of friends, or broadcast to your entire community. You decide.

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  1. Greg: apologies for the off topic, but, got a book up you may find interesting.

    Stop by and download it


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