Friday, May 13, 2011

Osama Bin Laden to Star on 'American Idol'


Pentagon--Following up their smashing nearly 10 year run with "Bin Laden--The Musical" the Pentagon announced today that it would be taking Bin Laden on the road to appear on the very popular TalmudVision (TV) show, "American Idol.'

"This Bin Laden thing has been so lucrative for our expanding Empire and has increased the flow of money to our Swiss bank accounts so much, the White House and the DOD decided it would be a shame to lose such a valuable asset, so BL has graciously agreed to appear on "American Idol" and give couch potatoes what they really want, a good scare."

Bin Laden will be joining J Lo, Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson to help judge future Pentagon created terrorists in this 10th season of the show.

As always, Bin Laden will be coached from the sidelines by 9/11 cover up artist, FBI head Robert Mueller, a reward to Mueller for his excellent service in helping keep the lies covering up 9/11 alive.

Bin Laden will also help "American Idol" develop another 9/11 'Mastermind' to add to the three already named.

The choice to place Bin Laden on "American Idol" was a contentious one, as some in the White House wanted the Pentagon to use their holographic image technology and have Bin Laden appear over the USA, issuing fatwas from the beyond and scaring the hell out of gullible Americans with solemn pronouncements about upcoming false flags to be launched against Americans by the CIA and Israel's MOSSAD, but cooler heads prevailed and BL was chosen to appear on Zionism's favorite psyops medium, TalmudVision.

The Pentagon spokesperson let slip that one of BL's guests would be Pentagon employee Anwar al-Awlaki, who was wined and dined at the Pentagon shortly after 9/11.

"We can't say what BL might do on "American Idol," but rest assured, it will be a BLAST," said an unnamed Pentagon spokesperson.



  1. I always thought Osama was a sharp dressed man.

  2. This will certainly be difficult since OBL died in December 2001 of renal failure as reported in multiple daily papers in Pakistan.

  3. OBL will always be on hand to scare Americans. he'll never die... least not to the Pentagon.


    Greg, may be we will ask former AG John Asscroft to compose a song for obl, Rebecca Black's "Friday" style? "Let the eagle soar" is my fav song while sitting on the toilet.

    Friday - being the most watched song on the juubtube, you better watch it and find out WHY! ;)

    7am, waking up in the morning
    Gotta be fresh, gotta go downstairs
    Gotta have my bowl, gotta have cereal
    Seein’ everything, the time is goin’
    Tickin’ on and on, everybody’s rushin’
    Gotta get down to the bus stop
    Gotta catch my bus, I see my friends (My friends)

    Kickin’ in the front seat
    Sittin’ in the back seat
    Gotta make my mind up
    Which seat can I take?


    I am so so excited!!

    Wouldn't it be so exciting if obl washes up to the Italian coast and join the cast of "Jersey Shore" ...with Mike The Situation, JWoww and Snooki ofcourse??!!

    obl as Charlie Sheen's replacement on Two and a Half Men!


    OR 'bout ...

    Dancing with the stars?? no one wanna watch Kirstie Alley muffin top giggle on high def TV --ewww!

    All of 'em are top rated shows ( of course approved by the chosen race, Doh!) watched by the goys.

  5. Greg, may be we will ask former AG John Asscroft

    That turd was so repugnant to even his fellow Missourians that they voted to put the dead guy Carnahan into office over Asscroft.

    John Boy's busy these days being some type of legal asswipe for Blackwater/Xe.

    What a godly man they have in John!


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