Friday, June 3, 2011

Israeli Police Still Looking for the Murderer of an American Tourist... Right.

"Wildcard. Ruthless and cunning. IDF capability to target U.S. forces and make it look like a Palestinian/Arab act."

A brutal murder of an American visiting Israel committed back in December 2010 and the Israeli police still haven't found the 'Arab' who killed this lady.

Maybe they should ask the Israeli state sanctioned terrorist group, Shin Bet who the killer is?
American tourist found stabbed to death in Israel

JERUSALEM – Israeli police discovered the body of an American woman, hands bound and full of stab wounds, in a rugged forest outside Jerusalem Sunday, a day after a friend said Arab assailants attacked the pair during a hike in the hills.

The friend, who suffered light wounds but managed to escape, said one of the two attackers approached them with what looked like a long bread knife and carefully removed her Star of David necklace before stabbing her where it had hung.
Rosenfeld identified the slain woman as Christine Logan, a 40-year-old American tourist, Logan's friend, Kaye Susan Wilson, reported Logan missing on Saturday after the two were attacked in a forest near the Jewish farming community of Mata, some 12 miles (20 kilometers) southwest of Jerusalem.

Speaking to Israeli reporters from her hospital bed, Wilson, a naturalized Israeli citizen described the attack (who only sustained light wounds), saying she and her friend were resting in the woods when two Arab men approached and asked for water.

She said they felt "something wasn't right" and tried to walk away. Wilson said they thought the men had left, but she took out a small knife anyway — apparently to protect herself. The men then reappeared and attacked.

"It all happened so fast," Wilson said. One of the men took out what looked like "a bread knife with a serrated edge," she said. Logan "became hysterical" and the men began to stab them.

"It was clear that they came to kill," she said. "Who carries around a knife like that?"

At one point, she said, one of the assailants gently took a Star of David chain off her neck, "then turned me around and stabbed in the place where the Star of David had been."
Now why would some Arab 'terrorist' GENTLY remove the Zionist Icon of Occupation, the Star of David, from Logan's neck?

If the attacker was so filled with hate, why not just rip off the dreaded Star of David, unless the attacker was an Israeli Jew, dressed to look like some crazy Palestinian?

The Zionist Occupation forces have Palestine locked down tighter than a Super-Max prison, so why haven't they found Logan's murderer?

Surely Israel wouldn't use a FALSE FLAG to distract the news coming out then that Brazil, Boliva and Ecuador recognized Palestine based on the pre-1967 borders and the Europe reaffirms its readiness to recognise a Palestinian state and that a group of 26 ex-EU leaders has urged the union to impose sanctions on Israel for continuing to build settlements on occupied Palestinian territory?

The part about the killer 'gently removing the Star of David' was scrubbed from later versions of this story and the Yahoo link was dropped down the 'Memory Hole.'

Do you remember the brutal savage murder of another American visiting Israel a few years ago? To this day, Israel says it is completely innocent of smashing Rachel Corrie into a bloody mess.

Zionist Occupation Goons have a long track record of killing and maiming whoever they want, wheneveer they want and never face any consequences.

American Artist loses her eye after face was deliberately targeted by Israeli forces

Need more proof that Israel is a nation of psychotic, religious nuts?

EVIDENCE Israelis are trained to aim for the head when firing on peaceful protesters

This video is absolute proof Israeli soldiers are trained to aim for the head. This video shows that the American Artist who has just lost her eye was not an accident- American Artist loses her eye after face was deliberately targeted by Israeli forces-

On Friday 13, 2009 American Citizen Tristan Anderson was shot in the head by a Tear Gas Canister fired by Israeli Occuption Forces in the Village in Nil'in, Palestine.

I'm sure Israeli police are hot on the trail of this murderer and they'll find this nutcase any day, right?

Israeli Police Get Their 'Man!'

Israeli police detain 7-year-old Palestinian boy and accost relatives, family members say



  1. they carefully removed the necklace?

    I'm thinking the one with the light injuries may be the attacker.

    Cause that story stinks!

  2. 9/11 bastards keep dying before justice can be handed out.

    Zim shipping Israeli, Sami Ofer, dies but not in prison where he belonged.


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