Thursday, June 2, 2011

When They Came for Me, There was no One Left to Speak Out

Coming Soon to a Neighborhood Near You


When they came for the peaceful protesters, I said nothing, since I was not a protester.

When they came for the ones writing thoughtful blogs and tossed them in secret prisons, I said nothing, for I did not write a blog.

When the came for those trying to grow their own vegetables and animals on a farm, destroyed their work and produce, I said nothing, for I lived in the city.

When they shut down health food stores and started arresting those getting vitamins online, I said nothing, for I did not take vitamins.

When they came and violently hauled away very sick people who were legally smoking medical marijuana, I said nothing, for I was not sick and had no need to smoke medical marijuana.

When they used rubber bullets and tear gas on those being evicted from their homes due to Wall Street fraud, I said nothing, since I didn't own a home.

When food shortages developed and people were told to turn in their firearms in order to be able to shop in a secure environment, I said nothing, for I did not own a gun.

When they came for me, nobody said anything, because the only ones left were bible-thumping lovers of war and blind patriots who cheered every time Congress and the Supreme Court shredded the Bill of Rights.



  1. They came for Edgar Steele and we sat back and watched.

  2. Wow Goon...poetic!
    Your skills are ever-sharpening
    and it's awesome to follow.
    I've seen where some are tiring of this tyranny-tracking and are
    giving up. My hope is that their space is filled by your words and
    pictures. Thanks.

  3. Your post is relevant to Edgar J. Steele's frame up by the Israeli Government of Amerika.

    The below link to Edgar's "Seeing Is Believing" includes his wife Cyndi's preface.

    Preface by Cyndi Steele. June 1, 2011)

    As hard as they may try, they are not going to silence Edgar J. Steele

    Yes, our hopes for justice might have been crushed, temporarily, with the tragedy of my husband’s, Edgar J. Steele, unjust conviction. For his children and I it, has been devastating. In a time when the government has proven itself corrupt, especially in targeting and attacking the innocent who are outspoken, now it touts as a victory, silencing this innocent man who stood up for Freedom of Speech in our once great nation; a nation that is now known as “Amerika: the land of a captive people and home to government cowards”.

    While serious illnesses slowed him down for six months of 2010, the government took him out of circulation for another year, he, and all of those who helped and contributed to his defense, fought valiantly for his freedom. Ed sadly chose to do it their way; staying quiet and letting the attorneys work the case in the manner they insisted was best for his acquittal. Well, we all have witnessed where that has gotten him….JAIL and MORE JAIL.

    Now, this time, Ed is going to be doing it his way! LOUD and as OUTSPOKEN as he possible can be! Just as we have known him to be in his past writings. So despite them keeping him behind cell walls, he is writing, with hopes of having enough material for a book or two. Meanwhile, he has asked that portions of his work be shared with everyone so that his voice can start to be heard, again.

    Below is Edgar J Steele’s first writing since his arrest last year on June 11, 2010


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