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150 TRILLION Dollar Government Slush Fund Kept Hidden from the American Public

Comprehensive annual financial report - Wikipedia
From at least 1998, a former Commodities Trading Advisor (CTA) of fourteen years, Walter Bubien AKA Burien, and a federal auditor of thirty years, Gerald Klatt, have claimed upon showings seen and from referencing within the now 184,000 local government CAFRs, AFRs and other Federal audit reports, including Audit of the IRS, US Treasury Audit of Bank derivative holdings (tables 1, 2, 3 on pages 22, 23, 24 show that the top three banks were trading and holding over 150 trillion dollars worth of derivatives, apparently in primarily government accounts, US Treasury Audit of Bank Mortgage holdings, Federal Consolidated Financial Statements, CAFR for the Federal Reserve and List of State CAFRs.

While some have called these the "2nd set of books", Burien refers to the CAFR as "the book" with the budget being a section contained therein. Their assessments of government assets, holdings and investment supporting globalism, ownership by government investment "for profit" and government's international investments profits, significantly enhanced with the use of the now 600 trillion dollar international derivatives markets with government investments strategically placed for profit from free trade, war, commodity market, stock market, International investment movement and extreme price volatility is created by these massive moves by "institutional government funds" speculators scattered around the globe manipulating the market either deliberately or by volume.

In 2010, Oregon Rep. Bruce Hanna during general session when the floor was discussing what to do about the state's 3.5 billion dollar budget shortfall (fire employees, cut back on services, close state parks), stood up with the cover page from the state CAFR in hand and stated that in less than a few minutes he found $3.5B to satisfy the state shortfall, there being no shortfall when comparing the state CAFR and the previous "selective" presentation of the State general purpose operating budget.
But wait, there's more!
CAFR (Comprehensive annual financial report) Patriot Walter Burien on Brink Of Becoming A Felon

The jailing of freedom fighter Walter Burien for 45 days and his subsequent plea bargain agreement to accept a felony conviction without more jail time is another example of America's fascist system jailing innocent Americans.

Burien, another in the long list of America's political prisoners being nailed to the wall, has been a major thorn in the side of the "powers that be," being one of the first who decided to take on Washington where it hurts most -- in their corrupt pocket books.

More than 10 years ago, Burien, a successful business who had an office in the World Trade Center during the late 70s and early 80s, became fed up with the fleecing of America and decided to use his business sense to do something good for the people.

And what he uncovered was the one of the largest scams being played on Americans, as politicians failed to report trillions in assets under Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR).

These reports, common in the corporate environment, have been done away with by crafty lawyers and politicians who have rewritten the laws of ethical business in order to hide money and mislead the American public about the wealth of their country, being used primarily to benefit a few crooked politicians and business men and not the majority of people.

In the USA the state truly owns everything, but through walls of well masked corporate veils created over the decades," said Burien this week on Greg Szymanski's radio show, The Investigative Journal.

And more, from CAFR Patriot Walter Burien's site:
Walter Burien welcomes you to CAFR1 - Government wealth exposed


Now the Key Question is: Do you own Government? Or, does Government own you?

How many governments exist in the United States?

The 1997 Census of Government says it best...
"There were 87,504 governmental units in the United States as of June 1997. In addition to the Federal Government and the 50 state governments, there were 87,453 units of local government. Of these, 39,044 are general purpose local governments - 3,043 county governments and 36,001 subcounty general purpose governments, including 13,726 school district governments and 34,683 special district governments." What wealth is held in your local CAFR's?
Is our Government Bankrupt?

Bankrupt morally and ethically, YES, but according to Walter, not economically, unless you're part of the poor and rapidly disappearing middle-class.

More from the brave and patriotic Walter Burien.

Walter Burien - CAFR1 Trailer of "The Only Game in Town" - The Way Our Government Can Be! 2010

Don't lower taxation, END IT!

It is time for a real change for the "Good" and here it is... Look and Learn!

To view the complete documentary via a 48 hour viewing pass that you can share with your friends and family go to -

CAFR - Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports - Walter Burien

Federal Reserve CAFR

Are the States really broke or hiding assets?


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