Sunday, July 17, 2011

AMERICAN DEFENSE LEAGUE (ADL) Report States Israeli Government is Full of Bigots, Racists and Hypocrites


Boston, MA--Today the president of the American Defense League (ADL), Patrick Henry, issued a stunning report in which he accuses the Israeli government of being chock full of racists, bigots and hypocrites.

"What got us started on this project was all the American and Israeli Jews that have virtually taken over our government, like the State Department, which is run by Zionist Hillary Clinton; the Treasury Department and have taken complete control over the world's largest counterfeiting outfit, the woefully misnamed 'Federal Reserve,' which is not part of the Federal Government and has NO reserve. These 'fifth columnists' have burrowed their way into the bureaucracy and control the info going into and coming out of those departments."

"Another area in which they dominate is our ME peace-making efforts where the USA is supposed to act as some kind of 'neutral broker' in areas of conflict.
People in the Arab countries in which the USA is interfering, acting like it was trying to bring peace while bringing death and destruction, aren't fools. They know that when we repeatedly appoint 'Israeli-Firsters' like the recently deceased Richard Holbrooke and the rabid Zionist and protector of Israel, Dennis Ross, who is currently a special adviser for the Persian Gulf and Southwest Asia, that the USA is there for one and only one reason; to protect Israel at all costs.

"One of the more insane State Department appointees is that blood-soaked Jewish American Elliot Abrams, who's left a trail of dead from Central America, to Palestine, to Afghanistan thru his repeated appointments in the Reagan, Bush Sr. and Bush Junior administrations."

"He's currently cooling his heels at the CFR, but most likely, Mr. Abrams will return in some future administration."

Mr. Henry added: "And all of those 'Too Big to Fail' Wall Street bankster gangster outfits that stole trillions from Americans, and then threatened to completely crash our economy if they didn't receive billions more in taxpayer subsidies, all ran by American and Israeli Jews."

"So the ADL decided to look into who's running some Israeli government departments to see if they had any of us GOYIM (non-Jews) appointees and we found NONE, absolutely no Americans, REAL Americans who put our country first in their loyalty."

"We couldn't find one, not one trueblue American in any position in any of their government offices, so that's when we decided to issue this report."

"We at the American Defense League reject any and all attempts to smear our efforts by certain parties who use the tried and true tactic of calling someone 'anti-Semitic' since we know that is just a ruse to shut down any attempts at getting the truth out to Americans. We figure if Israel can pack our government full of Americans of dubious loyalty, then it should only be fair that real Americans are serving in the various Israeli government administrations. To find that not to be the case is why we accuse Israel's government to be filled with racists, bigots and hypocrites," Mr. Henry said.




  1. have a read Greg, have a read.

    Now I just gotta leave a response to your previous post

  2. Probably showing my age, but... anyone else think of the old American First Committee while reading this?

    As late as 1960, America First was still running high-profile candidates for president. (They petered out after that.) The old Jack Paar show in 1960 interviewed the candidate that year, fairly respectably if I recall.

    During the run-up to WWII, the great screen actress Lillian Gish was a member of the committee, then trying to keep us out of the war. Gish was also still working in movies. The studios told her to quit America First or never work in Hollywood again. John Flynn, the leader of the New York chapter, personally told Gish to stay away from the peace rally, no need to destroy her career.

    America First, as war protesters, disbanded after Pearl Harbor, becoming patriotic. And marginal, I might be the only one remembering their campaigns after 1941.

    The only current memory of American First is swipes at their memory now and then. In the movie dud SHINING THROUGH, Michael Douglas punches out some peaceful demonstrators with America First regalia on a street corner.

    The Empire of Their Own was always quite aware of the dangers inherent in true patriots like America First, as opposed to patriotards wanting to bomb Iran and scrap Social Security.

    Hollywood would have Patrick Henry up on drug charges, child molesting accusations and firearms violations before he made his first charge.

    But they were real once.

  3. Is Patrick Henry a pseudonym?

  4. I like this new ADL. Does Mr. Henry still have any openings for joining in?

  5. I am thoroughly impressed by the words and observations (which most of us knew) being publicized in this way. However, I am sorry to say, I am still looking for a catch since it comes from a Jewish organization.

    I HOPE I am wrong, but old habits just don't die so hard when it comes to these folks. If I am wrong, I owe the good man and his companions a heartfelt apology. But for now, I watch.

    What does he propose to do about this mess?

  6. I am a doofus. Someone kick me to the kurb and back! AMERICAN defense league.... duh I cannot read. so sad to be a doofus at my advanced and dignified (!) age.....

    More power to Mr. Henry.... may his words be read far and wide...

    Whattaya think are the chances?

  7. Unfortunately the America First Committee was treated like satire too.

    Thanks to which, America is no longer first... even to Americans.

  8. anyone else think of the old American First Committee while reading this?

    These days, I'm FEELING my age, but never heard of the 'American First Committee,' but remember Jack Parr and have watched the fine actress Gish on TCM.

    If you want confirmation that our country has been hijacked by a foreign power, look no further than the Republican candidates for president that keep getting trotted out by the MSM.

    Palin, Bachmann, Sanotorum, Romney and occasionally Paul.

    Romney seems to have been a decent businessman, but he's such a phony. And Paul talks sense about aid to Israel, but is a believer in the 'official' 9/11 fraud, so I'm suspect of his real motives.
    All, except Paul, are Israeli-Firsters who have stated they would use the power of POTUS to defend Israel... more insanity.

    While Social Security gets looted and we tell the working poor to "Piss Off, we don't have any money to help you with your medical bills," the aid to Israel is never discussed and most likley, will see an increase.

    In a nation of over 300 million, there must be some party's that have candidates that put America first and would change our crazy, one-sided foreign policy, but where are they?

    They never get any media exposure.

  9. Noor, I'm literally laughing out loud reading your comments. Haha, after a second read, Greg's post makes more sense, huh?

    I'm nominating Greg for president of the United States. We're totally destroying these criminals running the affairs of this country. Keep it coming!! Your satirical posts are great Greg!


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