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The DEAD Jewish Billionaire and his MOSSAD 'Security' Team

MOSSAD Will Save US!!!

This is the strange story of multi-billionaire Jewish banker Edmond Safra, major owner of the Republic National Bank of New York who was murdered in 1999, even though he had a MOSSAD security team providing 'protection.'

Safra's money must of been a powerful allure to many, some who would do ANYTHING to get their grubby paws on that loot, so what happened to the self-described 'world's best' security agency, the MOSSAD agents hired to protect Safra?

Why couldn't they protect Safra from a simple break-in that resulted in a fire and his death?

The story is convoluted, full of holes and false leads, but when you get the Rothschilds, the MOSSAD and laundering stolen monies and gold for Sephardic Jews, anything's possible.

Oh, did I mention that one of the world's biggest gangster outfits, Goldman Sachs, was also involved?

And that the Zionist MSM initially reported that Palestinians were responsible for Safra's murder?

Where Have We Heard This Before?

Security camera tapes from the night mysteriously went missing and his MOSSAD 'security' detail were given the night off...

It Gets Stranger
Banker Safra, one of the richest men in the world according to Forbes magazine, dies without any children of his own. The child who was in the apartment at the time of the attack was his wife’s granddaughter. Both his wife and the child were not injured after barricading themselves in a bathroom, but the child’s nanny died in the same room as Safra. Authorities said both suffocated on smoke from the fire.
Safra and his nurse were hiding in a safe room and they died from 'smoke inhalation,' but his wife and her child, hiding in a mere bathroom, suvived?
The strange case of Edmond Safra

As far back as 1957, Edmond Safra was named as a drug trafficker in a US Bureau of Narcotics report. The accusation was later withdrawn, but until his death Safra was the inspiration for countless unsubstantiated rumors that linked him to drug, gold and currency trafficking, money laundering and organized crime.

Five years ago, New York magazine ran an investigation into Safra's Republic National Bank in which it claimed that the bank 'quickly became known on the street as a bank that would send an armoured car to pick up large sums from its more secretive customers'.

Safra must have been deeply scared early that morning when he learned from [another nurse] Maher that the state-of-the-art security system in the building, which also housed three banks, had been breached. Immediately, Safra retreated with another of his nurses, 52-year-old Viviane Torrente, to his steel-reinforced bathroom.

'The police arrived at the scene extremely quickly and when they arrived they were unable immediately to access the apartment, which is protected by steel-reinforced doors. When they did gain entry with the firemen, the fire had already taken hold in the flat, which was extremely difficult to bring under control. When the police were finally able to penetrate the flat, they found Mr Safra dead where he had taken refuge in the bathroom with his nurse, Viviane Torrente, who also died.

Monaco is probably the most intensively policed square mile anywhere on the planet - the local constabulary likes to boast that it can close down all exit routes from the principality in minutes. Its border with France is only notional, but the police always man it. Its streets and buildings are also the world's most intensively filmed.

On the same day Safra was buried, the US Federal Reserve approved the sale of Republic to HSBC Holdings.
"The police arrived at the scene extremely quickly..." comment is a joke.

The Principality of Monaco is around .76 square miles, which is roughly the size of THREE city blocks and it's crawling with police and security agencies to keep the filthy rich safe from us 'untouchables.'

For the police to take over 12 minutes to get to the scene is unacceptable.

This whole affair has a stench to it that won't go away, but when you get the international 'bankster gangster' crowd, the throat-slitters AKA MOSSAD and nearly 3 billion dollars involved, well thing are going to get mighty peculiar.

Safra was murdered in 1999, but even before then, alarm companies here in the states were offering protection packages that most anyone making over 40K a year could afford, so someone worth nearly 3 billion should of had a state of the art system installed, which didn't work the night Safra was murdered.

The basic package offered protection against fire and burglary. When the smoke alarm detected smoke, it would sound and alarm and the system would notify the alarm company, who would then call 911 or the local emergency dispatch center.
This I know for a fact, since I made many a call to homes that had their smoke alarms going off, but in most every case, it was a false alarm or the homeowner was doing some spray-painting or sanding of wood, both activities that would cause the alarm to go off and get the cavalry headed in that direction.

There are two ways to neutralize your home's alarm system. One is to call up the alarm company ahead of time, give them your PIN and tell them you're shutting down the system for a couple of hours to do some woodworking.

The other way is much more complicated, as it involves bypassing the alarm's security system without it silently notifying the alarm company that someone was tinkering with the alarm.

That's the kind of specialized training MOSSAD thugs get, to help them do what they do best; Murder and robbery.

Dateline NBC-International video on "The Mystery of the Billionaire Banker" available at this link
Monte Carlo has been called the safest place in the world, but for billionaire Edmond Safra it became a setting for something more sinister.

The Safra penthouse was a fortress. Security cameras installed inside and out, bullet proof glass and steel shutters on every window.

What's more, Safra employed a full staff of body guards who were highly trained officers from the Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency

Israeli journalist Boaz Bismuth knew some of Safra's security team.
Sara James, Dateline NBC: These are the best kind of security guards you can have?

Boaz Bismuth: Yes, they are the best. Safra could have afforded to take the best and he did take the best.
Beware the Black Widow!

Safra first shoots himself in the head TWICE, then dies from smoke inhalation?

Mrs. Safra's second husband, worth 200 MILLION pounds, also shot himself in the head because of 'job stress?' Hell, 200 MILLION pounds should go a LONG way to relieving some of that stress.

Do Jewish Bankers Like a LOT of 'Kink?'

Money, Power, Sex and a Murdered Banker

French billionaire banker Édouard Stern, wearing a latex bodysuit, was shot dead in his luxury Geneva penthouse by his mistress, Cécile Brossard, for reneging on the $1 million he gave her.


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